Monday, July 1, 2013

Lavish Interiors......William Eubanks Style

I have several designers whose work I especially admire, but there are two favorites. Diane Burn was featured on 3/20/13 and now a post is dedicated to William Eubanks.

When you hear the name William R. Eubanks, thoughts automatically turn to sumptuous silk and damask fabrics, period antiques of Great Britain and the European continent, rich jewel-tone colors, Flemish tapestries, Old Master paintings, fine porcelains, and Aubusson and Oushak carpets. Eubank's name is synonymous with refined, classic interior design. 

From the firm he opened in Memphis, Tennessee in 1976, his interior design and antique business has grown to New York and Palm Beach, where he has an elegant showroom at 400 Hibiscus Avenue.

If you are familiar with his work then you know how fabulous he is. If this is your first time to see his interiors, you are in for a visual treat!

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