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Decorate Your Home With Red

I find red interiors exciting, especially in classically designed rooms. I like to see an aged interior brought to life by the infusion of an aggressive color like red. Think about what red lipstick does for you when a touch of excitement is needed. 

Red is the warmest of all colors: It’s associated with heat, passion, and lust. Red is a masculine color and now you know why. That is why red is associated with Valentine's day. It also symbolizes action, confidence, courage, life, survival, intensity and vitality. Like I said "a masculine color". Using red in the home can increase your enthusiasm, interest and energy. It can also subconsciously create confidence and help you get over fear and anxiety. All these things are traits men seem to like. So ladies I have given you every reason to decorate with red. I am only kidding.....I just think it is a wonderful color to decorate with whether your home is brand new or historic.

Below are some images of aged beauties and lovely ingenues that all seem to benefit from a touch of rouge.

Enjoy the this video of Royal Palace of Aranjuez, a residence of the King of Spain and music from the talented David Garrett!

There are many shades of red to choose from. If true red is too strong for you a softer, deeper shade would be a better selection.

Wonderfully deep red bedroom by John Rosselli

I love this eclectic room with it's background of red walls.

Gorgeous red room.  What a ceiling!!!

Don't forget wallpaper! It has made a comeback and can work miracles in your interiors.

You can't go wrong with  red striped wallpaper!

Deep, rich, almost burgundy shade of red is mixed here with a lighter warm tone.

The walls of this gorgeous interior are painted in red that has an orange touch to it.


I like the way this room combines several shades of my personal favorite red.

I like the tri-colored painted walls in this Chinese inspired red room.

Red and white buffalo plaid give this room an elegant country feel.

While some people like a room saturated with red.....

others, like my client here, prefer red introduced in splashes throughout the room.

Red is always a good choice for a rustic interior.

Gorgeous red wallpaper and the right mix of patterns!

Mark Hampton

This foyer is painted a beautiful shade of red. The walls look like they have been glazed or lacquered ,it is hard to tell.

And of course we can't leave out red and black, a perennial  favorite.

Red and black dining room with a patterned rug and gold accents

As you can see, yellow is a great accent for a black and red room. It is just the touch you need to lighten things up in such a dramatic interior.

Anyway you slice it, red brings elegance into the mix.

I like the more muted shades of red. You don't have to go all out primary !!

Another room with just touches of red in the window treatments, rug, and ottoman.

source unknown

I hope I have inspired you to give red a try!!

Venetian Plaster walls are fabulous, especially in red. If you are interested in trying this faux painting treatment on a wall in your home this video will help you through the process step by step.

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