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Decorate With Mercury Glass......Glamorous AND Affordable

Originally considered “poor man’s silver,” shimmery accessories made from Mercury Glass are back in vogue.Mercury glass, or silvered glass, was produced in the 1800′s in Europe and eventually made its way to the US. It was produced by blowing a double wall of glass and placing a liquid silvering solution in between the two and then sealing it off. There is no mercury in it due to its toxic nature and expense. 

Mercury glass was the first form of “art glass”…admired for its beauty instead of its function. Today, it is mass produced without the double wall of glass using different techniques. And the prices range from a $5 votive and up.

From the original pieces of the antique era to the affordable modern reproductions we are familiar with today, we are captivated by the beautiful inconsistencies that emanate from the surface of each piece. No matter what your occasion or application, the Mystique of Mercury Glass is sure to leave a shining impression on your guests, family and friends.

That perfectly imperfect sparkle and shimmer adds a vintage vibe you will love whether in design your interiors or entertaining friends.

The beautiful silver color of mercury glass complements any palette or d├ęcor.

Mercury silvered glass was produced originally from around 1840 until at least 1930 in Bohemia, now the Czech Republic, Germany, and was also manufactured in England from 1849-55. Companies in the United States, including the Boston and Sandwich Glass Co., New England Glass Co. and the Boston Silver Glass Company, made silvered glass from about 1852-80.

Mercury Glass objects are riddled with gorgeous imperfections that interact with light and dazzle the eye with a unique radiance.....

and it CAN be simple and look amazing because of that.

Walls made of Mercury glass mirrored tiles are great for bringing an antique feel to a room.

source unknown

This wall of antique mirrored mercury-glass panels serves as a backdrop for the seating area as well as for a 1950s still-life painting. The Louis XVI banquette and antique Chinese lacquered table add to the old-world glamour of the space.

When working with clients I’m always recommending that they add something sparkly and something old to their spaces. The sparkly reflects light and creates energy and the old makes it look like you’ve been curating your collection instead of buying everything new and looking like a furniture showroom.

Mirrored furniture is still quite popular. You can choose from highly reflective or the more smoky antique styles that imitate mercury glass.

The aesthetic of Mercury glass adds a classical elegance to any occasion, and is particularly well suited for Christmas decor.

I love these mercury glass screens and their effect on this interior.

Don't forget to use mercury glass in you entertaining.

Mercury glass can be combined with floral arrangements and other styles of glassware when creating exclusive looks for centerpieces and tablescapes.

This soft, shimmery tablescape proves that mercury glass look beautiful when used in a more rustic setting.

There are many reproduction mercury glass accessories to choose from. Candlesticks are especially lovely.

Of course, you crafters out there can even create your own Mercury glass. Check out this link for a tutorial.

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