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Decorate With Soft Blush Tones

Blush is a beautiful sophisticated pale peachy pink. Interior designers have known for years that blush is an excellent color to decorate with. It's a "barely there" color that just like blushing cheeks on a wide range of skin colors, can come in many different shades.

Everywhere you look — from celebrity wedding dresses to designer runway shows — blush colors are stealing the spotlight. Watch an awards show and you will see many of the actresses dressed in "nude" 

Blush is a seldom thought of neutral that can be used for carpet, on a wall, or on a big piece of solid upholstery. Blush is more versatile than most would give it credit for. At first glance, it’s too feminine or too pink. In reality a great blush piece of furniture can add elegance to almost any color palette or design. 

Pairing it with black and cream creates instant classicism . Pair it with white and the look becomes more modern. Blush walls can not only brighten up a space but also add to the ethereal effects of a room. The palest shade is not quite pink, not quite ivory...just a perfect blend of the two. Add saturation and you still have lovely colors to work with. I hope you will see this wonderful color's merit by the end of this post.

This Chinoiserie inspired dining room is so pretty in shades of blush. Blush is NOT peach so don't be afraid of it. Seems people just don't care for peach on the walls.

via pinterest

English style blush sitting room is so warm and inviting.

Fabulous blush colored wallpaper and furniture give a monochromatic look to this classical interior.

More modern bedrooms also look great decked out in pale blush tones. White is a good companion color.

Of course you can saturate the entire room in  blush.

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The Chinoiserie wallpaper is center stage in this beautiful blush dining room in Atlanta's Swan House.

This blush is more in the apricot family.

Love the blush matting on all the pictures on this gallery wall.

These faux painted blush walls are wonderful!

Leopard looks fabulous in a blush colored room as you can see here and below.

I used leopard and black accents when designing this blush bedroom.

There are many different shades of blush to choose from from the softest pink to just a hint of apricot.

Blush is always pretty when paired with green.

Why not have a blush toned kitchen?


Blush at its best.

Black and deep rose red are good colors to use with blush.

The color blush creates such a soft look for a room.

source unknown

Beautiful bath with blush walls.....so elegant.


A lovely old world blush colored bedroom.


Sometimes just a hint of blush is all you need!

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