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Decorate With Mirrored Walls

Louis XIV understood the dynamics of the mirrored wall. He had 357 mirrors installed to create the seventeen arches that reflect the arched windows which overlook the gardens of Versailles and called it the Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors). Since then the trend of mirrored walls has come and gone. Most of us who remember the 70's and 80's were glad when they were gone. The majority of mirrored walls were not well done in those days and the whole trend ended up coming across as tacky. These disco era walls have be replaced by the new chic, classic, timeless mirrored walls. Many of the antique finishes on these paneled mirrors lend sophistication to a room.

The idea behind mirrored walls is to use mirrors to visually increase the size of a room or add reflective light to a dark area. If properly used, wall mirrors can add flair and drama, reflect light where it’s needed, reflect a beautiful view and bring it into the room, and give depth and size to small areas. They can be a lovely decorating element and a way to add sparkle and glamour to a wall or other surface of your home.

This high fashion look for your walls is worth a try!

Don’t avoid placing furniture against mirrored walls, just place your furniture as if the wall had no mirrors, allowing those walls to be functional as well as purposeful. This is what makes today's mirrored walls interesting and elegant.

Neo-classical console table against a smokey mirrored wall.

Now that is what I call a mirror wall!

Mirrored walls in the French Empire Interiors of The Grand Trianon.

The flexibility of a mirror wall enables it to enliven countless areas of the home.

The power of a mirror to brighten a home can’t be understated. No other decorating accent has quite the same ability to add drama, sparkle and style to a room.

Many mirror walls looked ancient because of the new finishes used on today's mirrors.

Stenciled mirrors are quite popular.

If you like a classic look to your mirrored wall,  you can create a single mirror effect using millwork and one large mirror like what you see in this image of Donnatell Versace's home.

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Here the homeowner has surrounded the fireplace with mirrors although I think that whole wall would have been gorgeous done all in the mirrored tiles.

Today's mirror walls are an integral part of the design style.

Your mirrored wall can have a distressed look for a more antique ambiance.

Dining rooms are especially elegant when mirrored walls reflect the candlelight from your dinner party.

source unknown

Beautiful hall with eglomise treatment.

Make a mirror wall by using multiple mirrors and group them together as wall art.

Beautifully painted mirrors.

source unknown

I like sconces to actually be part of the mirror wall. Also don't forget the rosettes. If you are using tiles that don't actually have to be anchored by screws, you can still have a lovely rosette by hot gluing any metal brad you might find in craft shops to the corners of the tiles.

There are many ways to add interest to a mirror wall. Customize your wall with millwork.

From contemporary to vintage looks, adding a sparkling glass mirror wall definitely brings dimension to the room

While they may not be the first spot most people think to hang art in their homes, doing so can add a beautiful and unexpected element to a room.

Mirrored walls are not passe by today’s standards. In fact, it is not uncommon  to install decorative mirrors, art, and light fixtures over mirrored walls.

Another large mirror hung on a mirrored wall.

Subway style tile mirrors look beautiful here and could also enhance a contemporary interior.

This mirror wall is created from smoky mercury glass tiles.

Mirrors set into paneling....tres chic!

Another example of art hung on a mirror wall.  Treat your mirror wall like any other!

Mirrored furniture set against a mirror wall creates a lovely effect.

There are many different styles of mirror walls.....something for everyone!

I love the look of a large mirror against a wall. It is a great way to get the look of a mirror wall but in an interesting and eclectic way.

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