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Decorate Your Home With Desks

The desk is one of my favorite pieces of furniture for creating focal points in a room. They are wonderful fun to decorate with. Desks will impart an antique and classy look to your home which is bound to attract the attention of your visitors.

A desk is a desk, right? Well, not really. Many different types of desks have developed over the centuries, and many of them don't resemble modern home and office desks much at all. Being a history buff, I have always decorated my home with antiques and always will trend or no trend. I am glad however to see them becoming popular again.Our consumer society, which once sought out the most modern, cutting edge designs for the home, has taken a step back in time and objects that were once so highly coveted now are in the lime light again.

Your desk is a critical decision and makes a statement about your personality whether it is an antique hand carved French style writing table or a sleek contemporary acrylic desk. Also how your desk is positioned effects the overall image your room presents. As the focal point of the room, the style of your desk speaks volumes. 

I have assembled some images that I hope will encourage you to search out a pretty desk for your home. There are still some terrific affordable desks and writing tables to be found while treasure hunting. Also notice how these desks are not lined up against walls. I encourage you to stop doing that!! Learn to bring furniture out into a room for a much more appealing effect.

Beautiful ormolu mounted, faux malachite painted French writing desk.

Japanned French style desk in the home of actor Sidney Poitier. Try putting your desk in front of a window.

Like I said in the intro, move your desk (and other pieces of furniture as well) away from the wall. I love to use them perpendicular to the wall like this.

A library style table works wonderfully as a desk and when positioned in the room like this it becomes accessible from both sides.

I love to use desks diagonally like the way this one is displayed.

I have a French kidney shaped desk that I use in  this corner of my Sitting Room.

An inlaid Edwardian Carlton House Desk

This style, called a Butler's Desk, can be mistaken for a chest of drawers at first glance, but it's actually a type of drop, or fall-front desk. Popular for more than 100 years, the butler's desk was made in numerous styles with varying period details.


Edwardian painted writing desk gives an English Country look to this cozy corner.

I love desks used in front of big windows.

English Chinoiserie oval desk.

Louis XV Bureau du Roi  ('King's desk')  

While reading about desks, I came across a related type I had never heard of before called the mechanical desk. They were all the fad in the 1700s. These desks featured mechanisms that hid shelves, mirrors, and surfaces when not in use.

A pretty example of a small drop front ladies writing desk.

TA modern demilune desk and the sleek black and gold example show how perfect modern pieces can be when used in a more traditional to classic interiors.

This could be a partner desk or maybe a library table, it's hard to tell.

If Shabby Chic is your preferred decorating style, there are plenty of lovely desk styles out there to be found.

Painted furniture is very trendy now and painted desks are especially pretty.

A very pretty Shabby room and office that features a painted desk.

This is a  Pedestal Desk that I painted and use at the end of this bed. I love to use desks this way.

This desk is almost a room divider. Think out of the box when displaying furniture!

A pretty desk brings an elegance to a room that few pieces can. 

If you want something a bit more modern, maybe an acrylic desk is in order. Both these images show how well acrylic pieces work in an eclectic interior.

Whether modern or antique, a desk is a must have piece! Of course antique desks are beautiful but very pretty ones can be found in vintage and thrift shops, flea markets and antique/collectible malls.

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