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Bird Inspired Interiors.....Classic, Elegant, And Never Out Of Style

People have had a long affair with avian decor and it migrates from time to time to become a decorating trend.It came into view again last year and is still very popular. You are seeing birds in many decorating elements from dinnerware to my favorite, wallpaper, which can be an amazing accent when applied properly. 

Birds have inspired designers for centuries. In 18th-century Britain, China seemed a mysterious, far-away place. Chinoiserie drew on this exotic image. Objects featured fantastic landscapes with fanciful pavilions and fabulous birds, deemed auspicious and harbingers of good news in Chinese culture. 

I am a big fan of Chinoiserie so to me birds on walls is not a trend but a classic to be enjoyed anytime.There are some beautiful bird inspired wallpapers available which will certainly breathe new life into a room. 

Here are some images that I hope will inspire you to consider bringing the outdoors into your interiors in a refined and elegant way.

Kelly Wearstler's bird decor.

"A-Twitter" in summer colorway by F. Schumacher.

Chelsea Porcelain plate with bird motif

Bird inspired fabric used on  a Chippendale sofa and also draperies of client's formal living room.

Chinoiserie folding screen

This piece belonged to Catherine The Great and is in the Palace at St. Petersburg

source unknown

Schumachers Bird Song Wallpaper in Cream

Lovely hand painted porcelain dinnerware

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