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Decorate With The Iconic Sunburst Mirror

The Sunburst mirror is an iconic mirror with widespread appeal and an interesting history and past. Whether they are antique or contemporary versions, Sunburst Mirrors add drama where ever you decide to place them in your interiors.

The antique Sunburst Mirror became identified with Louis XIV, popularly known as "The Sun King," in the 17th century. The sun god was Apollo, the patron of music, poetry and truth. Louis XIV, the Sun King, surrounded himself with the best artists and playwrights of the time and was known to have had an affinity for mirrors. The Sunburst became a symbol of Louis XIV's illustrious reign.

Gate at Versailles adorned with Sun King Emblem

Sunburst Mirrors are a great way to brighten up a room and they work equally well in classic and modern interiors.

A timeless design that instantly brings a sense of history, the sunburst mirror will elevate any wall space.

A sunburst  hung on a mirror wall creates instant glamour!

source unknown

The sunburst mirror is equally at home in quite elegance.

Lisa Farmer - Eye For Design

I just recently acquired this antique Louis XIV gilded, wooden sunburst mirror. I had been looking for one to use in my dining room.

Lisa Farmer - Eye For Design

I layered it onto a large antique mirror over the mantle.

Sunburst mirrors come in all sizes and shapes (although they do not stray far from the iconic Louis XIV style). They look stunning when used singularly or also make wonderful groupings.

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This style mirror will give your room instant old world atmosphere.

maisonartefact on instagram

A weathered Louis XIV sunburst mirror will look perfect in a faded French interior.

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The frame type is where the sunburst mirror shows diversity and is very open to artistic design.

Vintage metallic frames in different shapes and sizes add serious style to a home. These are from the 1940's.

Even though the sunburst mirror has been reinterpreted over the years, it still is a popular interior design element and continues to be a sought after accessory.

Modern shapes of this iconic mirror look lovely in more contemporary interiors.

You can count on a sunburst mirror to enhance the drama of the room.

Mirrored frames give a modern appearance which catch and reflect the light to create stunning effects.

The shape of this mirrored starburst is so strong it becomes the focal point of the room.

Multiple sunburst mirrors adorn the windows in this kitchen.

Sunburst mirrors are perfect companions to other antique French treasures.

These beautiful mirrors are chameleons and blend well with opulence or a casual elegance.

My favorite sunburst mirrors have giltwood frames.

This sunburst mirror has an unusual but wonderful shape.

The sunburst mirror has regained it's popularity over and over again which tells me this style mirror is not going anywhere and is definitely investment worthy.

A stunning sunburst mirror with a retro 1960's look.

Another wonderful giltwood frame. The sunburst mirror was a big trend during the Hollywood Regency period of the 40's.

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A sunburst mirror is a fabulous way to make a statement in a classically styled room.

Try enhancing a mirror wall by adding a sunburst mirror to it.

The wooden sunburst is more historical in it's appearence. Metal varieties give a room retro flair.

source unknown

This sunburst mirror has a lovely shape and patina. It works beautifully with weathered, shabby chic furnishings.

This painted sunburst mirror, coupled with the stripes, brings lots of energy to this area.

Remember you don't have to hang them. Today, leaning and layering mirrors is a more interesting way to display them.

I love them like this...hung over a larger mirror.

Make yourself a sunburst mirror gallery wall.

These mirrors are fun to collect.

source unknown

An example of a beautiful sunburst without a mirror.

They also make lovely clocks!! This one is in Hubert & Isabelle d'Ornano's flat in Paris.

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