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Decorate With The Iconic Sunburst Mirror

Whether they are antique or contemporary versions, Sunburst Mirrors add drama where ever you decide to place them in your interiors.

The Sunburst is an iconic mirror with widespread appeal and an interesting history and past. This style mirror has been around, enhancing interiors, for centuries. The antique Sunburst Mirror became identified with Louis XIV, popularly known as "The Sun King," in the 17th century. The sun god was Apollo, the patron of music, poetry and truth. Louis XIV, the Sun King, surrounded himself with the best artists and playwrights of the time and was known to have had an affinity for mirrors. The Sunburst became a symbol of Louis XIV's illustrious reign.

Gate at Versailles adorned with Sun King Emblem

Sunburst Mirrors are a great way to brighten up a room and they work equally well in classic and modern interiors.

A Sunburst  hung on a mirror wall creates instant glamour!

source unknown

The Sunburst is equally at home in quite elegance.

The frame type is where the Sunburst Mirror shows diversity and is very open to artistic design.

Metallic frames are more traditional and add serious style to a home.

Glass frames give a modern appearance which catch and reflect the light to create stunning effects.

Multiple Sunbursts adorn the windows in this kitchen.

My favorites are the French giltwood frames.

This Sunburst Mirror has an unusual but wonderful shape

A stunning Sunburst Mirror with a retro look.

Another wonderful giltwood frame.

A Sunburst Mirror is a fabulous way to make a statement in a classically styled room.

Sunburst Mirror Heaven!!

source unknown

They are even pretty in groupings.

They have a chameleon ability to blend with whatever the decorating style. They look wonderful with weathered, shabby chic furnishings.

This painted Sunburst coupled with the stripes brings lots of energy to this area.

There are many styles to chose from contemporary to classic.

I love them like this...hung over a larger mirror.

Make yourself a Sunburst Mirror gallery wall.

source unknown

An example of a beautiful sunburst without a mirror.

They also make lovely clocks!! This one is in Hubert & Isabelle d'Ornano's flat in Paris.

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