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Decorating With Gallery Walls

Hanging many  pieces of art or wall decor on one wall to create a “gallery” effect is called a Gallery Wall. Gallery walls are great for spotlighting  pictures, art or anything else you admire that can be hung on a wall. This is a wonderful way to personalize your home and showcase things you love. They can be our little private art gallery of pieces we  want to share and appreciate.

The art can be all from the same series , they can be of the same theme – like all nautical or all things green.  Using a single theme of art is a great way to personalize a space and create a dynamic statement.To create a slightly more traditional feel with your gallery wall, frame all the art pieces the same.This gives a cohesive and finished feel that comes across as one big statement. Gallery style walls are an art form unto themselves and can create a focal point that a single piece of artwork sometimes cannot. 

There are two forms of gallery wall, the more traditional style that is symmetrical and the eclectic salon style. This post focuses on the style that uses a common size or theme and is more structured and a bit more "serious". The second style which is asymmetrical, more relaxed and inventive will be featured in the next post.


For centuries people have understood the impact of a gallery wall.

If you want your wall to have an antique appearance use a strip of ribbon behind the pictures. I have used this look many times, sometimes using tassels as well.

This wall gallery has a theme...... an assortment of dried  leaves.

This homeowner has used the entire walls of a stairway for their display of like kind pictures. They have framed the top portion of pictures to make them pop while the bottom gallery treatment almost gives the effect of wallpaper.

Here’s a great example of creating a Gallery Wall that fills an entire wall space.


Nicely done! I like the colors in this room and the way the pictures are used on this concave wall area.

White frames pop on colorful walls....give it a try.


You can be creative in designing a Gallery Wall. For this style just make sure all pictures are uniform. 

Tres chic!!  I love the Art Gallery look of this room.

Lovely gallery wall - Manolo Yllera Fonte

Another themed wall. It can be anything you love and want to display.

This Gallery Wall is created from different sizes but still retains the perimeter of a square or rectangle in each of its groupings.

Staircases are perfect spaces to create a Gallery Wall. This picture arrangement is designed to look like one large piece of art

This wall features a mix of sizes but still creates the "square" that  is associated with this type of  Gallery Wall.

I like the floor to ceiling symmetrical rectangle this Gallery Wall creates. Something like this is a perfect way to turn an uninteresting wall between windows into a statement focal point.

This Gallery Wall becomes part of the whole headboard in this lovely bedroom.

This French door makes the perfect unique and interesting frame for this gallery treatment.

Here is another clever way to display art or photographs. These old clipboards serve as frames and  bring symmetry to this gallery.

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