Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Decorating With The Lime/Turquoise Combination

Summer is a great time to think about bright, refreshing colors. The tried-and-true lime/turquoise color palette has stood the test of time yet always seems fresh and exciting. Refreshing and cool, these colors look wonderful with white interiors where they can be counted on to add zest to a relaxed casual look.White walls will let these tones shine without overtaking everything.

Formally associated with beach homes this color combination looks great with a variety of design styles from Tropical, to Classic to Contemporary. The shades can range from soft aqua and lime which are the colors of tranquility to exciting , eye-popping shades of turquoise and electric lime. 

Either way you decide to go, this color combination will cool you off on a hot summer day.

Gorgeous lime and turquoise entrance.

Lime and turquoise is perfect when used with white walls. They really seem to pop.

Diane Guariglia

I love the modern paisley wallpaper in lime and turquoise.

This room has it's focal point underfoot with the unique and colorful carpet. Now all that is needed is a few well placed accessories!

These two colors pop beautifully against brown.

Wow, what a cool kitchen!


Stripes are perfect for this color combo.

source unknown

There is no reason to avoid decorating with lime and turquoise at Christmas!

Here is a lovely mix of Traditional and Contemporary styles. This color combination is a great way to freshen up a Traditional setting.


These colors are perfect for contemporary rooms.

Pretty soft lime and aqua palette.

Bright lime and turquoise is what you would expect from a Lilly Pulitzer interior.


If this bed doesn't cheer you up.......!

This room has many cool decorating ideas. If the ceiling is too much for you, check what they have done to the walls! I love the asymmetrical striped bed covers.

Bold use of lime and turquoise works great with the retro look furniture.

A beautiful shade of turquoise on the wall. Also consider trying a platform bed sometime!

Classically designed rooms can also carry off big splashes of color as well. Don't be afraid to use color in period rooms.

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