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Decorating With Canine Art......English And Elegant

Dogs are not only man's best friends, they are pretty special to decorators as well. Dogs provide wonderful decorative elements in interior design and have been appearing in art and design for centuries.This blog post features English style decorating that uses canine art. Dogs in art became popular with sporting art that originated in England in the 18th century. These beloved pets appeared on decorative accessories from china to pillows and everything in between. Paintings of and about dogs can decorate the walls of a traditional or contemporary home. 

Enhance your home decor with animal companion-inspired accents that are designed to blend flawlessly into your living environment.They make a great way to decorate your home or office, adding a touch of antiquity and class to your living and working area.

Mario Buatta's Manhattan living room.

Ribbons and bows soften the masculine look of canine art.

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Canine prints used to create a gallery effect on the walls of this stairway. Look for different sizes and mediums. And by all means don't match frames!!! You want them to be different.

Oscar de la Renta’s Connecticut country home.

Staffordshire Dog Figurines

No canine art collection is complete without at least one Staffordshire Dog. These dogs were earthenware figures made in England, mainly in the county of Staffordshire, but also in other counties and in Scotland. They are also known as fireplace dogs as they were habitually positioned on top of the mantelpiece in 19th century homes. English Staffordshire figurines of dogs, as pictured here, are highly collected.

A thoroughbred Italian Greyhound by Alfred de Dreux.

Canine gallery wall.

Dog figurines and sculptures decorate shelves and table tops for a sophisticated look.

Canine prints bring a comfortable elegance to a room.

Needlepoint pillows featuring dogs are wonderful accessories for an English style room.

I like to use needlepoint in my interiors, and have used canine art pillows many times.

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I especially love using them in elaborate gold frames.

Canine decor is the perfect companion for Tartan plaid interiors.

Canine art can be masculine but when used wisely and with the right fabrics, accessories, etc it can make any room elegant and refined.

America's most beloved designer of Country French interiors, the late Charles Faudree, and his ever present whimsical dog portraits, figurines and charming stitched accents.

Charles Faudree

Canine prints are fabulous when used alongside rich antique wood.

Charles Faudree

Old-world style portraits of dogs in this sumptuously olive green room by Mario Buatta

The black and white Staffordshire spaniel is tied to the history of the King Charles spaniel. This breed became great favorites of the British monarchs. King Charles I (1600-1649) had a spaniel as a young boy. Owing to Queen Victoria's spaniel Dash, however, the spaniel model enjoyed a siege of popularity in the 1840s which lasted through her reign.Not all dog models were based solely on the spaniel. You can also find other Staffordshire dog breeds, such as pugs, afghans, greyhounds, collies, poodles, and Dalmatians.

Hang a portrait of a beloved family pet or decorate with your favorite breed, letting the house go to the dogs can be a fun way to add a personal touch to your décor.

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