Thursday, February 27, 2014

Decorating With White Exposed Beam Ceilings

I am obsessed with the loveliness of the creamy white exposed beam ceiling. Whether it is painted or white washed (whitewashing uses paint mixed with water), the result is an elegant rustic charm...... light, and airy but visually interesting. This type of ceiling is prevalent in homes of French design, however all styles can benefit from the quite elegance these ceilings project. 

If you are tired of the bland white ceiling, allow it to become a major design element and focal point via white exposed beams and rafters. We are all acquainted with the rustic beauty of natural exposed beamed ceilings. Natural wood beams are more accentuated and might even be the first thing you notice in the room, especially if they are contrasted against a white ceiling. However the more subtle option is the painted beamed ceiling because of the lack of contrast yet the presence of interesting angles and shadows. Here are some images to inspire you to amp up the look of your white ceiling by letting your rafters show and installing beams, painted white of course!!

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Kelly Harmon

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