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Decorating With Zuber Scenic Wallpaper

Here in Richmond they recently demolished an old home that I visited for a special fund raising event several years ago. The thing I remember most was the beautiful panoramic wall mural in the dining room which resembled the one below called Hindustan. I remember the elephants and the wonderful colors. I don't know for sure but would be willing to bet that a second thought was never given to saving that mural which I am convinced was a Zuber. I was not aware of the homes demolition until it was all over or I might have tried to obtain it. Oh well, you know what they say about crying over spilled milk.

Zuber & Cie, founded as Jean Zuber et Cie is a French Manufacture de Papier Peints et Tissus (French for: painted wallpaper and fabrics) company which claims to be the last factory in the world to produce woodblock printed wallpapers and furnishing fabrics. Still the crème de la crème of wallpaper makers, is especially known for their scenic wall panels.For its production, Zuber & Cie uses the original woodblocks (more than 100,000) engraved from the XVII and XIX century

Since its founding in 1797 by Jean Zuber, Zuber & Cie has maintained its headquarters at Rixheim, France. 
 Zuber & Cie has showrooms in Paris and Nice, New York, Los Angeles, London and Dubai and is still producing wallpaper using eighteenth-century techniques. 

Enjoy the music as you visit.

Hindustan, designed by Antoine Pierre Mongin in 1807

Headquarters in Rixheim France

Beautiful samples of wallpapers. Each design was hand carved from pear wood and made into wood blocks. They are kept in a controlled climate and allowed to rest for several years between printings.

Dorothy Draper Designs

The gorgeous Zuber mural at the Greenbrier in West Virginia.

After the French revolution and inspired by the large painted Chinese screens that were being imported, the wallpaper industry began to offer panoramic wallpaper. It provided an (almost) instant gigantic 360 degree mural painting of endless exotic vistas. This mural is called "Les Monuments de Paris".

As with many 18th century wallpapers, the panoramas are designed to be hung above a dado.

Palacio de las Garzas - Panama

The Dining Room of Palazzo Loredan

The same room

West side of the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House showing the panoramic Zuber & Cie wallpaper Scenes of North America.The four panels of wallpaper had been on the walls of a parlor in the Federal period Jones House in Maryland until 1961 when the house was demolished for a grocery store. Just before the demolition, the wallpaper was salvaged and sold to the Kennedy White House where the First lady had it installed in this room in 1961 at a cost of twelve thousand dollars.

This wall treatment was based on Jacques-Gerard Milberts engravings of 1820s American landscapes that were admired in Europe at the time. The sky is hand pre painted using watercolors before 767 wooden blocks printed the scene using 18 tempera paints. These blocks have been preserved and are registered as a French national heritage. This is one of the five scenes originally depicted in the series Views of North America. The Five are: New York Bay, Military Review at West Point, Boston Harbour, Natural Bridge and Niagara Falls.

The Frederick Post reported that Jean Zuber's wallpapers were so respected that King Louis Philippe honored him with the Legion of Honor in 1834, the year that Scenic America was printed,”.

A folding screen featuring Japanese Garden

Hall Monmouth, Natchez, Mississippi -- Zuber scenic wallpaper "Scenes of America"

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The Japanese Garden, designed by Victor Potterlet in 1861

I am not an expert but I believe this is Hindustan, designed by Antoine Pierre Mongin in 1807

Zuber Cie panoramic wallpaper scene was in the lobby of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Jean Zuber et Cie - Hand-Blocked, Printed Scenic Wallpaper Screen

18th century English serpentine sideboard against Zuber Wallpaper

This section of a panoramic is from a huge set called “Eldorado” that was designed by Eugéne Ehrmann, Georges Zipélius and Joseph Fuchs for the Zuber company of Rixheim, Alsace, France, in 1849.

Hand block-printed pictorial friezes, such as this example from the 1860s attributed to Zuber

Zuber wallcovering "Les Monuments de Paris"

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Zuber & Cie's panoramic wallpapers include Vue de l'Amérique du Nord, Eldorado, Hindoustan, les Guerres d'Independence, and Isola Bella. Zuber & Cie also produces dado borders, friezes, and ceiling papers, some depicting faux representations of architectural details, drapery, fringe, and tassels.

Bedroom by Pierre Berge

This pattern I believe is Isola Bella, by Eugéne Ehrmann, Georges Zipélius and Joseph Fuchs. But again I am not an expert!

Tom Scheerer

Zuber manufactures lovely wallpaper murals en grisaille as well as coloured.

John Saladino

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To help you truly appreciate the work that goes into creating these beautiful wallpaper panel visit this site and see a fascinating video of how they are made. It will be worth your time!!!

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