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Decorate Your Home With Window Seating

The built-in window seat  reached its height of popularity during the formal Georgian period when tall, narrow, sash windows were the norm. Today this intimate seating nook can still be a beautiful design element as well as a smart, space-saving and stylish addition creating valuable storage space that doubles as an attractive seat. Window seats offer both comfort and a connection to the outdoors with plenty of light to read by. Another great benefit of the window seat is for concealing items like radiators. 

It is a shame that as attractive as window seats are, only older homes seem to have them. If you have a home with big windows it would be a shame not to take advantage of them to the fullest. You can easily customize the window seat to fit under any window just by adjusting the length of the top, side, front, and back pieces. 

You will never be sorry for building yourself a window seat or two. There are many tutorials on line that will help you and you will be enjoying your own special nook in no time.

I have four window seating areas in this old house. This is a more formal one while the others are built over radiators.........

......and can be a great place for an afternoon cat nap.Window seats are the most loved places of the house by every member of the family. Chanel certainly thinks so.

Remember to make your window seat a place one can sit and relax. A throw invites family and guests to cozy up with a book.

I love window seats built into book shelves where they beg to be used as a cozy reading nook

This is a nice idea. Build the window seating between two cupboards.

One great way to create a window seat area along a straight wall is to frame your window with shelving or cabinetry.

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This arched window is enhanced by these wonderful window seats that play off the arch effect. A straight seat wouldn't look near as interesting.

I love this window seating from the window to the storage doors below. And the color is so pretty!! 

A crystal chandelier, wonderful French script pillows, and ticking of course is all you need to create a pretty French style window seat.

Boston Design Guide on flicker

A small window seat is the perfect nook where you can relax, read, drink a cup of tea or watch the kids. It can enhance an overall interior design of your room and provide an additional storage or display space.

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Pretty windows are always a plus for your window seat.

Window seats are a great place to bring in additional layers of pattern through pretty pillows.

Window seating is a smart way to use awkward spaces. Why let a space like this go to waste when it can become useful.

Curtained window seating is lovely to look at as well as functional if you want an enclosed retreat to read or nap in.

Window seats aren't all built ins. There many ways to create the perfect seat.

When decorating your window seat, don’t forget the reading material, add some pillows that reinforce your color scheme. Then watch as guests fight over this cushy nook!

This is a nice roomy window seat. One could even take a cat nap here!

These window seating areas have romantic associations, To make it feel more like a nook, shelving and cabinets can line the seat, creating a small area of retreat along with a back rest.

Design Sponge 

Remember they do not have to be straight seats. Get creative with shapes and sizes of window seating.

Add some pillows that reinforce your color scheme and watch as style reigns in your space.

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I love the way this window seat has a shelf behind for displaying collectibles.

This lovely seat offers a place to watch the world go should any good window seat!

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