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Decorating With Ticking Fabric

I can remember having an old feather filled pillow covered in ticking when I was growing up. My mother would always cover it with pretty pillow cases. You just covered up ticking in those days. It certainly wasn't celebrated....just a little too humble for more "modern" 50's interiors. Little did I know years later I would be featuring ticking in a decorating blog a trend....go figure. Ticking has been extremely popular for some time now and continues to cast it's spell. It's a new classic, one that will never go completely out of style. 

Toile a Matelas... simply meaning "mattress cloth" and known to us as French ticking. Ticking fabric was initially designed as a tightly woven mattress covering that would not allow the down or straw stuffing to come through. It has two distinctive stripe patterns. One being a design of narrow stripes, traditionally blue or gray, but available in a variety of colors today. The second is a design of solid stripes in different widths, traditionally woven from linen and often in a fine herringbone pattern most commonly in red, blue, beige, gray and taupe. 

Humble but dressy, ticking contributes vintage charm to any room. You can mix it with anything from bold florals to leopard and it works perfectly. Give it a try if you are considering a change!

Ticking makes for stylish upholstery.

It even lends itself to the elegance of French decor when paired with a romantic large floral or toile print.

Ticking stripes are often seen used on pillows, slipcovers, and upholstery for a lighter and more casual feeling style

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Ticking hasn't forgotten it's modest background and is still affordable. This makes it a perfect choice for projects requiring lots of fabric like tented ceilings or covered walls.

Ticking is loved for it's vintage appeal. It is great for accessorizing with.

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For a French farm or cottage look, use lots of stripes and plaids in blues and reds.

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Stripes like these will fashionably update any window and the color options will blend well with your existing decor. Here they have covered the sofa as well.

La Brocanteuse

Antique French settees are lovely when covered in ticking fabric.

A really pretty way to make a pillow! See what just a touch of ticking can do.

A headboard makes a good project for introducing ticking to your home.

Great guest room. Who wouldn't want to sleep here?

For a French country manor style, use lots of linen, natural or bleached white, teamed with subtle colored ticking.

Kate Foreman

source unknown

Ticking fabric is very popular for crafting. Sometimes a few little accents is all you need.

A pretty combination of toile and ticking in grey.

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I love these pillows!!

Virginia Macdonald

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Ticking on a French fauteuil.....perfection!

 Photograph courtesy of Wiff Harmer.

Here Phoebe Howard has covered the walls in ticking.

Tthis pattern is popular for laundry bags and pillow covers, as well as many other home décor items. Ticking is now available in host of other stripe colors and patterns.

Mix bold buffalo checks with ticking stripes.

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The classic striped ticking works extremely well in almost any decor from country chic to beach casual.

The Lettered Cottage

Ticking equals clean, cozy furniture.

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