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Decorating With Fretwork

To some, fretwork is the latest trend. However, this design element of open geometric patterns has been used to adorn furniture and architectural designs for over 3,000 years. The art of fretwork began with fretted inlays on furniture in Egypt. It has been popular in North America and Europe from the mid 1800's until today. Fretwork is a perennial favorite that is still providing homeowners an opportunity to enhance their interior design with elegance as well as adding global character. 

With the current love affair we have with anything geometric, fretwork is a perfect fit. You can see it popping up everywhere including wallpaper and fabric. Using these fretwork patterns is a great way to refresh your interior without breaking the bank or embarking on a major remodeling endeavor. Since these patterns can become the focal point of a room the statement they make can be huge. Also fretwork is not limited to any particular design style because it works so well with other patterns. With so much to offer, why not incorporate fretwork into the design of your home!

Beautiful dining room by Stephen Falcke. Love the fretwork on the built in bookcases. See how this simple touch can add so much interest.

Folding screens are an invaluable decorating tool and this fretwork one in a quatrefoil pattern is perfection when teamed with the trendy brass base of this great table.

The cut-out areas created by the fretwork pattern stand out against a neutral wall. However, they are equally as attractive when mounted on a wall of like color.

These fabulous fretwork panels and the crystal chandelier bring the glamour into this contemporary space.

Fretwork panels are popular because of their versatile roles which can include room dividers, headboards, screens, furniture.

Fretwork makes stunning ceilings!!!!

Valerian Ryba

This lovely rooms features a fabulous fretwork screen. The fretwork pattern also carries over onto the bed and the sofa.

via pinterest

via Pinterest

Dramatic black fretwork surrounds this colorful bed.

Fretwork can also be used for a stunning headboard.

Gardiner and Larson Homes, CT.

Some times fretwork can add the finishing touch to a room.

I love this colorful room and it's soft coral fretwork cupboard.

This fun space features a whole wall of multi-patterned fretwork squares. Add the bamboo chairs with their cut out pattern and you have perfection.

Wallpaper and textiles designer, Neisha Crossland’s master bathroom in her London home. Spectacular details like the fretwork screens leading from her master bedroom into her bathroom.

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The fretwork inspired carpet and wallpaper work together to support the real star of the show, the gorgeous brass and wood panels.

This room is definitely on trend as pagodas and fretwork are currently very popular interior design elements.

This screen  features the Moorish fretwork that is much desired in homes today.

Geoffrey Bradfield's Moroccan designed interior with beautiful fretwork panels.

Carolyne Roehm

Hill House Interiors

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Fretwork might be an old concept but it has a new, fresh feeling.

Fretwork detail is very fashionable, especially when used on pieces such as cupboards or bookshelves.

There are so many wonderful uses for fretwork panels....just use you imagination to come up with way you can use them in your home.

Homeowners can add this delicate detail to almost any of their existing furnishings and have a geometric look

I love fretwork on mirrors!!

This pretty lavender room has a touch of fretwork and Chinoiserie in that perfect pagoda topped etagere. The shelves are also great additions that help carry the theme.

O’verlays is a decorative project created by Cheryle Rhuda and Danika Herrick and designed especially for those looking for a new way of revamping their IKEA or generic furniture, but also mirrors, windows or walls. Some of them come in special sizes that were created for those plain but popular IKEA furniture items. The lightweight overlays can be painted in any color you need to match your interiors, but they can also adorn your furniture in a combination of vivid colors or pastels.

This image pays homage to classic Chinese fretwork, which is ideal for an Oriental scheme amongst traditional or contemporary furniture.

Mirrored wall with fretwork---always interesting.

Another beautiful fretwork brass which has made a huge comeback!

Fretwork shouldn't be limited to the indoors. It is a great design element for your outside entertainment areas.

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Chippendale fretwork railing on balcony above and lattice trellis on covered patio below.

Use it in your gardens! I love the fretwork attached to this pergola.

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