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Decorate Your Interiors With White Faux Furs

Decorating with faux fur is nothing new. I have been using various faux furs in interiors for years. However, something that IS trending for 2014 is the popularity of white fur. It's popping up in interiors everywhere. Something about white fur adds a luxurious feel to any room and the more trendy white furs bring the fun needed to create some truly chic interiors. What do I mean by trendy faux furs? Longer furs are hot right now like Mongolian lamb which is a long, silky fur and is fabulous for creating a stunning, wild, and glamorous look.Tibetan fur refers to the white wool of the Tibetan lamb and is the only curly long-haired fur. It is soft and around 5 in long, with a slight waviness. Another consideration is sheep skin, only with deeper tufts. I know that many designers use real furs and skins but I am an advocate for faux fur only. There are some great synthetic white furs out there that are equally as stunning as well as less expensive. This is one to have fun with.....enjoy!

Many times it is hard to tell from pictures if a fur is fake or real. Some of the images I have gathered may be real but I do not advocate real fur. There are too many good fakes out here. Just use the pics for inspiration and go get yourself a good quality faux white fur!!

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

This white fur trend is playful and wild so don't be afraid to go over the top. Uniqueness is called for in this style!

Use these trendy faux white furs on bigger budget items like upholstery, rugs and draperies.

White fur rugs are always chic and look great in any style from traditional to contemporary, even rustic.

These white Mongolian lamb fur stools look like grazing sheep .

Faux Mongolian fur chair - such a great statement piece for any room.

Even poufs are getting chic and furry updates these days. Two of these faux white fur cubes would bring fun to any room. 

Here white faux sheep skin is just tossed over velvet chairs for an added layer of softness and texture. 

White fur is a great accessory for adding texture to any space. Who couldn't love this great chair?

via pinterest

Mix different kinds of white fur and hides. Like I said use only faux!!

White fur is as cozy and chic as it gets. Fur throws are the perfect accessory to winterize your home, adding a layer of warmth, style, and luxury to any room

This great look in faux Tibetan lamb feels vintage and modern all at once with a nod to 70's fashions like wool vests and jackets.

Refrain from adding too much fur......only the right amount can make a space feel classy and cozy.

Gwynn Griffith  via Elle Decor

Remember you want a chic look, not that of a hunting lodge.


A wonderful Franco Albini long chair covered in white fur.

This playful, shaggy beanbag chair features thick white faux-fur upholstery.

via pinterest
Consider layering your home with soft faux white fur accessories ranging from pillows to poufs.

Use a variety of pillows that work together cohesively and mix with unlikely pieces like silk and velvet. Don't fall into the trap of having matching fur pillows on each end of the sofa. That's not the way this style is created.

Love the fun white faux fur chair. Brass has made a comeback so this chair is chic and modern.

E! Chief News Correspondent Melanie Bromley's Retro Home Gets a Dramatic Makeover

Faux fur throws are the perfect accessory to winterize your home, adding a layer of warmth, style and luxury to any room. And white fur does it so glamorously.

Even a small footstool covered in white fur packs a stylish punch, so don't think you HAVE to go big or go home.

Something about these chairs makes me think of white, furry birds...maybe it's the legs. Oh well, this trend is suppose to be whimsical.

Mix your fun white fur pieces with other faux animal hides. The looks is great!

Anything with faux white fur (or a sheepskin rug thrown over it) is super hot right now.

via pinterest

White faux fur chair backs make this a trendy event.

Even wedding planners are using faux white fur to create unique settings.

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