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Garden Shed Chic

We homeowners know that there is no such thing as enough storage space for our gardening essentials. What you really need is a garden shed, one large enough to house an arsenal of gardening and lawncare equipment. A garden shed is essential especially for gardeners without a garage or basement allowing you to store all your equipment and supplies in one location and providing a small workplace for potting containers. This post is called Garden Shed Chic because of the popularity of these sheds and the chic and stylish way in which they are being cleverly decorated. Everybody wants one because today a  garden shed doesn't have to be utilitarian or remain forgotten and run down in the backyard. Whether it is tucked away in a corner or the epicenter of your backyard, the garden shed can be an amazing ornamental piece for your lawn. When given just a tiny bit of time and attention, they can become a beautiful focal point to your landscaping and a lovely complement to your home.

If you are considering building a garden shed or just thinking about a face-lift for your existing one, remember to make it uniquely yours, reflecting your personality. Make it an extension of your interior by decorating it in a style that suits your tastes, be it a traditional, rustic scheme or shabby style hideaway. And most of all enjoy this project, it can be really fun. Hopefully the tips and images below will help you.

I love the English style garden sheds that are nestled among the vines and flowers. They are at their best when they are actually part of the landscape.

This is an example of a lovely potting shed/greenhouse. Spend a day traveling to your local  flea market, rural antique shops (these tend to have the most interesting finds), or even yard sales to find such treasures as these galvanized watering cans, No matter what purpose your shed serves, you can make it feel more “homey” with just a few inexpensive accessories added in with the tools.

Look for galvanized and terra cotta containers to use for planters.

A wisely placed and nicely decorated garden shed can actually become a dreamy getaway in your own backyard or a great place for intimate entertaining.

Make a decoration of old garden tools and mount them on the wall above the door. 
These have been covered with mosaics for a pretty cottage look.

There are two choices when it comes to building a wooden garden shed: You can buy a kit and put up with the manufacturer's choice of materials and layout, or you can design a structure to suit your own particular needs and tastes. Of course I vote for the latter! Then you can decorate with wonderful finds like these great shutters and watering cans.

Garden sheds can be almost any size or style. An outdoor storage shed not only looks attractive, but it will add value and versatility to your property.

Little extra finishing touches like curtains will help your garden shed to become a space you will be excited to use and maintain, instead of cluttering up and neglecting like you have done in the past.

You can decorate around your shed by adding outdoor objects that are weather resistant. For example, you can add a small wooden ladder to the side of your shed and plant vines to intertwine around it. Or you can add small Americana signs and other similar paraphernalia. 

Don Freeman

Keeping garden tools organized makes the job easier, and it’s even more enjoyable if you have an adorable garden shed to store them in.And such charming details like the vine on the window and the wreath add to the homey feeling.

source unknown

It is important to tie the shed to the rest of the surrounding landscape and architecture. A sensibly designed garden shed can compliment not only your lawn but also the entire home.

The outside and entrance of the shed can be decorated with clay pots, old garden tools, bee skeps, straw garden hats and the like, adding to the aesthetics perfectly.

Some sheds are attached to the house like this one with its wonderful tile roof, stucco walls and weathered barn wood doors.  Stone paths are also a nice feature for garden sheds.

via pinterest

Stone and weathered doors make this shed absolutely charming! Charm is a huge part of the garden shed and should be considered right alongside functionality.

Thomas Callaway

A work table or counter is a great addition if you are planning to do some potting in your garden shed. It is especially desirable to have a sink!!

You can use your storage shed design as a decoration by turning it into a miniature English cottage.

Details count even in garden sheds! Decorate with hand painted designs, murals, and stencils.

The rooster and bee figures make this a whimsical shed. Garden sheds are suppose to be fun and enjoyable.

Make your shed blend in with the rest of the backyard. Hit up antique shops and yard sales for vintage garden finds.

The distressed green door is so bright and cheerful. And the galvanized containers with flowers and topiary lend additional farmhouse-style.

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I love the corner sheds and picket fences of Colonial Williamsburg.

Via Vickie McHam..... pinterest

A hardworking garden shed incorporates storage solutions such as hooks, baskets and bins, shelves, and a workbench. Storing tools in an orderly manner makes gardening easier and prolongs the life of the tools.

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Embellish your garden with architectural salvage. These salvage Gothic windows make this garden shed one of a kind. Mounting iron gates or fencing by the doors of a shed gives it an antique allure and makes a great place to hang tools, baskets and other vintage items. 

A Gothic cottage style garden shed. A cupola not only serves as an extremely elegant piece of decoration, but also adds height to the entire structure. Add flowers and you are all set.

The Garden Buzz

You can also adorn a hip roof by adding a wooden cupola. I love the rose arbor over the door and the topiary.

Use your potting table as an entertaining space for outdoor gatherings. After a quick cleaning, you can use the top to serve drinks and snacks, or spruce it up and use it as a dessert table.

French doors and dormer windows makes this chic garden shed look like a mini house. Don' forget o landscape around your shed!

If your garden shed is a place where you will repot plants you might want to include a great work  table for plant propagation or soil mixing.

I adore this modest yet elegant shed with its architectural elements. A pair of old columns can work wonders!!

source unknown

You can try nailing flower boxes under the shed windows and plant ivy, begonias, or nasturtiums. Bright colored flowers look excellent against the grey weathered wood and slate roof of this rustic garden shed. Similar flower boxes near the path that leads to the door of the storage shed along with other such flower containers would complete the entire look flawlessly. They comes in all shapes and sizes, but what remains the same is the charm and romance that garden sheds brings to your outdoor space.

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