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Decorating Small Spaces In Grand Style

I am not afraid to treat a small space.......well, GRAND. Since I like to design against scale I have no qualms putting a large, out of proportion item in a small space. While many people lean to the minimal look when decorating small spaces, I prefer to make them interesting and intimate with plenty of places to sit and converse. 

Homeowners tend to concentrate on the larger rooms in their homes while neglecting smaller areas such as hallways,stairway landings, odd corners, and awkward spaces. These areas should always be integrated into he overall design of the home. Having a small apartment, house, or other space should not cause you to lack inspiration for achieving elegance and style. You can still create a very chic decor with boldness and the courage to break a few decorating rules.

Sue Alfantis

To make a small space seem grander choose colors that are in the same color family for your woven upholstery fabrics and delicate tonal drapery fabrics. Cool colors and delicate warm colors on most surfaces give the room a more open look.

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Why NOT use this imposing chandelier in a small intimate area when it gives such a sense of grandeur? Remember a small space does not equal small furniture and accessories.

source unknown

When placed correctly, mirrors can make a room appear doubled in size. They also reflect light which can brighten even a dark corner.

Kelly Wearstler  via House and Garden

A mirrored ceiling can make the room appear taller. The old rule was"white walls are a must when square footage is limited". Now we know that dark colors create the illusion of depth in small rooms by tricking the eye into not knowing where the walls end, creating a sense of depth.

Because darker walls create a sense of expansiveness they will make the small space look bigger and grander than it really is.

If you do choose to go for the lighter look, add a pop of color. Small rooms need the energy!

You can make some decorating changes to make the area look and feel larger without moving any walls! With color, furniture arranging, and interesting lighting, your space won't feel so cramped. Intresting ceilings draw the eye up creating an illusion of more space.

For a small bedroom choose a bold "statement" piece such as a lit a la polonaise bed. Believe it or not larger beds look wonderful in smaller rooms. These vertical stripes help trick the eye into seeing a more spacious interior.

Also an extra tall headboard will draw the eye upward and give a more spacious and grand look to a small room. This room also makes use of mirrors to make it seem more spacious.

I like to see a small space well appointed but not overly cluttered.

Layer your living space with mixes of fabric, textures, rugs and accessories. It doesn't have to look cluttered if you implement careful editing.

A tiny room doesn’t have to hold only tiny furniture. Sometimes with a small space, people avoid large furniture thinking it will dominate the room. Not true. Also a small space  can hold alot more furnishings than you think. This small bedroom looks decorated instead of  looking like an area nobody knew what to do with.

If you decide to put a larger piece in a small room such as a large sofa, canopy, or four poster bed,
you can maintain a balance by keeping the other elements in the room quiet and understated.

Designer Bill Brockschmidt's 640 square foot, single room home is proof that small spaces do not have to be minimalist.

Victoria Neale

Unifying colors makes a small room feel put together. 

 Picture placement and the tall cupboard make the eye travel upward to give this cozy dining area a grand  feeling. Always think vertical in a small space.

Cramped spaces don't always call for clean lines. Give a small room a sense of grandeur with ornate furniture, gallery walls, and embellishments.

Faux limestone paining technique makes this small hallway seem grander. If tall ceilings are available, use your pictures to draw the eye up and away from the horizontal lack of space.

Timothy Corrigan

For a small space try a more neutral color palette. Contrasting colors tend to break up a space. Pieces of furniture are less interrupting and tend to blend with the space if they're colored to match the wall color. However please make the room interesting with the use of large, grand accessories like the tapestry...... it makes this room.

Don't be afraid to use pattern in  a small room. When done right it can make a small space warm and cozy.

Florence de Dampierre

Again the new rule is to try larger furniture in small rooms. This sofa takes up the space from wall to wall but it also warms up the room, something that lots of smaller chairs couldn't do.

A small library in one of Elton John's homes. Here he displays photographs of friends and family. The small space features a Biedermeier-style birch-and-ebony banquette, an 1820s Russian Empire chair, and a 1920s Swedish birch table. Something about bookcases make small rooms look grander.
Get collections organized and neatly displayed because nothing makes a small space feel cramped more than if things look cluttered

Jeffrey Bilhuber

source unknown

Small, odd corner spaces can become beloved areas with the right furniture and accessories.

These two small kitchens prove that small spaces can be big in style.

The Estate of Things on Flickr

Don't forget small baths. They too can evoke a sense of grandeur if treated correctly. Here a small, shabby style bath reeks of old world charm and elegance because of the crystal chandelier and the lace canopy.

Perfect example of a small powder room made to look grand!

A small bathroom (decorated at Chrismas)  has a  grand look because of rich appointments like the marbleized and gilt antique clawfoot tub, a canopy with French script, and leopard print (hard to define in this photo) above acanthus leaf border.

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