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Decorating With Back To Back Sofas

I have always admired the sophisticated presentation of back to back sofas. I think this particular furniture placement makes a huge statement when a pair of sofas is the right choice for your interior. You have to get creative sometimes when dealing with large rooms where multiple seating is required. With back to back sofas, you can break up the room into multiple conversation areas without it feeling chopped up and over crowded. This placement is usually associated with larger rooms but don't be misled. A smaller room can also benefit from small sofas or especially loveseats placed back to back. This look can be quite cozy. If you have never considered using sofas back to back maybe this post will inspire you.

Valentino's home via Vanity Fair Magazine

Multiple seating areas add functionality and back-to-back sofas will bring the style to any room. Remember it's not necessary to use identical sofas for a back-to-back arrangement. In fact, I prefer similar but not matchy for a more interesting look and to evoke a more eclectic aesthetic.

Rohe and Wright Builders

The beauty of placing your sofas back to back is that it can create two rooms out of one.

Two sofas might make more use of your large room by being placed back-to-back instead of facing each other. One can face the TV, fireplace, or other focal point, while the other one can anchor a seating arrangement designed for cozy conversations.

Another great  way to position back to back sofas is by placing a table between the two sofas  Opt for a long, narrow console table if space is limited. Accessorize with lamps, florals or other artwork.

Usually sofas with straighter backs are used when choosing the back to back placement, however  curves are also a lovely option.

See how well a smaller room can handle back to back loveseats. Very pretty.

via pinterest

When using a back-to-back placement without a console table, I prefer to leave at least two inches between the sofas.

via pinterest

source unknown

Back to back  sofas covered in the same blue velvet yet different in style. Be creative!

Although not my favorite choice, many like the look of back to back sofas in one single unit.

Michael Whaley Interiors, Inc.

source unknown

This is actually four loveseats set back to back with tables in between.

The back to back sofas in this colorful room have pole lamps set at each end to provide lighting.

If you have a large, long living space, placing two sofas back to back divides the room into two distinct seating areas. Don’t be afraid to place two sofas back to back to create a visual divider. I love this treatment with the console table and great lamps. Chairs can set side by side as well for a more sophisticated look.

google search

Another single unit of back to back sofas.

Catalyst Architects, LLC

Sofas placed back to back can also bring a casual feel in the right interior, especially when covered in slips like shown here.

Back to back sofas in a beautiful French setting.

In  a traditional style room, back to back sofa placement is a lovely choice.

Bunny Williams

Super for a large family room!  Get creative with your end tables  and remember they don't have to match.

Design Milieu

Great back to back sofas in a mid-century setting. Looks perfect with one large lamp!!


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