Friday, September 5, 2014

Decorating With The Purple/Green Combination

One only needs to walk away from the paint samples in the local home improvement store and simply look to nature for inspirational color combinations for the home. This post features a trendy combination that when done correctly is turning out some pretty incredible interiors. There are examples in nature where the colors purple and green exist beautifully together........ especially in flowers. 

Also you'll see purple and green together at the produce section of the grocery store if you are shopping for such vegetables as eggplants, artichokes or cabbages. 

Not only do purple and green look good together at the local farmer’s market, they can look simply stunning when used together in your home. Use them in bright, bold, energetic interiors or soften things up with lighter versions that make a room tranquil and relaxing. This color combination can take on many different moods depending on the depth of  purple and green you choose to use.

The purple/green color combination comes and goes and I have never been a huge fan but this combo has me intrigued at present. I think it is because there are so many wonderful patterns and accessories that make it possible to really pull this look together now in a way that has such depth and texture, something this combination needed. Anyway I am all for it today and hope these images inspire you to give purple and green another try.

Emerald green and an amethyst shade of purple conjure a jewel-toned richness that can’t be denied.

Break up a purple accent wall with a pop of green. I works best when they are both done in similar shades.

New England Home Magazine

Soft sage green and plum are calm enough for a restful bedroom. A bedroom is not the room for vibrant shades of purple as they are too energetic to promote peace and quite.

Purple and green can be used in a living room or any other room that needs brights.
Pink-violets and magical magentas are all looking especially fresh and sophisticated today

The Governor's purple and green palace bedroom in Williamsburg VA by Terreta on Flicker

This current and chic color combination also works well with tradition style. I love the mix of antiques and modern.

Home of interior decorator and TV presenter Ana Antunes

This room uses many trendy decorating elements from the purple/green color combo to the chevron designed rug and trellis patterned pillow.

This violet colored desk show just how beautifully purples pop against green backgrounds.

If a room is small, rich bright shades can make it seem boxy so it’s better to chose lighter shades of purple and green.

Both colors can be in rich or pale shades it all depends on the room that needs decorating. The size of a room is important when using this combination. A guest bedroom is a great space to experiment with purple and green.

Purple has the unique ability to be warm and cool depending on what colors it is paired with. This is a fun quality of purple and unlike any other color. 

Purple is an extremely energetic color. Rather than a strong purple, opt for more muted shades like soft violet or lilac and pair them with lime green accessories.

source unknown

I love all the layers of pattern in this room. Orange is a great complementary color for the purple/green combination. That sofa!!!

Pattern play in purple and white with apple green upholstered French Chair.

via pinterest

The color purple hovers between blue and red on the color wheel chart. It can be either warm with red (magenta or cerise) or cool bluish (plum or blue lavender). You could warm up the entire color combination by painting an accent wall in lime green

Jane Hall

Because both purple and green have blue in their base, it's helpful to pair them with a warm tone to complement their cool shades.This combination looks wonderful with a bit of yellow, red or pink.

via pinterest

via pinterest

We love purple and green  when it comes to flowers. Why not bring this combination into your home.

Soft sage and plum are calm enough for a restful interior.  Remember light purple equals

dark and medium equals drama.

This room takes a modern direction by surrounding the purple and green with the brightest of cool whites.

via pinterest

This room uses alot of white as well with it's greyish green walls and bright, bold purple chairs. A very lovely combination.
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