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Decorating With Awnings

Awnings were first used by the ancient Egyptian and Syrian civilizations. They are described as "woven mats" that shaded market stalls and homes. Among the most significant awnings in the ancient world was the velarium,the massive complex of retractable shade structures that could be deployed above the seating areas of the Roman Colosseum. In modern times awnings became popular during the first half of the 19th century and became a common feature in the years after the Civil War.

If you want to improve the curb appeal and add a sense of sophistication to the exterior or your home, residential awnings and canopies can provide an inexpensive way to beautify your home and improve the overall value. 

Awnings are not just for decoration. These accessories can provide multiple benefits to homeowners. The use of awnings can reduce the electricity used for home cooling by as much as 70 percent. Awnings can protect interior drapes, flooring, and furnishings from fading due to the harmful effects of the sun's rays, all the while lending privacy to those in the house. The key is to put the right style of awning on your house. Hopefully these pictures will help you get an idea of what your home could look like with a brand new awning.

We all know how beautiful awnings are on public buildings. This restaurants elegance is enhanced by their use.

I love striped awnings — these particular ones are outside the Hotel Lancaster in Paris.

In the past awnings, while  playing an important functional role, helped to add visual character to our streetscapes. When you look at  historic photographs of downtowns and neighborhoods with many colorful awnings, it makes today's streets often seem plain and colorless.

Charlotte Street Hotel

In recent years, building owners and others interested in historic buildings have rediscovered awnings.

Chautauqua Institution New York Photograph

Awnings offer endless possibilities for enhancing a building's beauty and decor. They add shape, dimension and color, and can be custom-designed to fit any structure's unique character and style.

And of course we are all familiar with Laduree's iconic awning.

Awnings can make particularly strong architectural statements at front entrances and facades.
Custom options for awnings have exploded in the last few decades. New fabrics, topcoatings, color printing and fabric graphics options have made almost anything you can conceive a reality.

A "Hamptons" home decked out in green and white striped awnings.
With a simple setup, hassle-free maintenance and low installation costs, awnings provide a very respectable return on the initial investment of the homeowner.

Awnings are a great way to add detail and historical accuracy to  a period home.

Windows in Arles, Provence

They are the perfect addition to any residence, adding a fresh, exciting look to your building's outside. Even a small one adds loads of character.

Cream colored awnings on Helene Rochas's house in Paris.

via pinterest

Draw out the architecture of your building over a deck, patio, or backyard space with a custom awning.

The fact that they offer shade and UV protection, outside awnings can actually enhance your existing architecture. Consider installing custom awnings to accent  the most beautiful parts of your architecture.

An awning can add extra drama and impact to any facade. This scalloped metal one proof!

Awnings were a big deal in the old days. I remember my father sold custom awnings as a secondary business. You could even have them removed and stored in the winter and then installed again in the spring.

Despite their history, usefulness, and attractiveness, awnings still face discrimination. Many homeowners are anti-awning because they say that they’re easily faded and torn, making the whole house look shabby. Our window treatments fade in time but we don't stop buying them.....why refrain from using awnings?

Besides,  new materials resemble canvas in appearance and texture but offer greater strength and durability. They dry quickly, thereby reducing damage caused by mildew, contain a UV inhibitor to reduce sunlight damage, and are coated with a thin acrylic layer that repels dirt and resists abrasions.

Copper awnings are always classic!

Not all awnings are fabric. There are many ornate glass and metal styles that will make your entrance look stunning. 

It is a must to decorate your exteriors, namely the entrance doors, the windows and the patio area. All these spaces can benefit from the addition of an awning.

Gast Architects

A wonderful Art Nouveau style metal and glass awning.

via pinterest

Another metal and glass awning....this one found in Deruta, Italy.

I simply adore the rustic elegance of this zinc awning!

Striped awnings are the perennial favorite, hands down.

A great marriage.....awnings and window boxes.

Don't forget interior awnings!!! If you want to change the decor in your bedroom and are willing to try something different, consider putting an awning over a bed. Indoor awnings are inexpensive and relatively easy to make and they are perfect for giving your room a facelift. There are tutorials on  that will walk you through the steps.

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Also interior awnings over your windows or doorways are lovely additions. Choose a striped fabric like this crisp black and white for a more classic look.

I love the awnings that use spears in the design.

A girls room is another great place for an indoor awning.

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