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Decorating With Mismatched Dining Room Chairs

Have you fallen in love with the look of mismatched dining room chairs yet? Many of you have because it is getting harder and harder to find pictures of matched chair sets. It makes me smile to see this as a trend now since I have had mismatched antique dining room chairs for 20+ years. They aren't painted but mismatched none the less, four identical with the host chairs being a different style. I am looking for a couple of chairs to add to my mix as we speak. 

Chairs have suddenly become a focal point for the dining room and mixing and matching them allows you to add some fun and personality to your space. Plus it's fun to collect chairs which you can find at auctions, recycle stores, antique and collectible stores. Also there is always the chance of finding a great piece to add to your mix at a flea market, yard sale, or on clearance somewhere.I love the look and the way it creates more warmth and interest. Just beware that there needs to be a plan for mismatching your chairs so you don't end up with an incohesive mess. Make your decisions carefully and make sure you have a unifying element such as color, scale, or style.

Mismatched chairs will give your dining room an eclectic flair and what better place to bring together all your favorite looks and friends than around the dinner table. An added benefit is how fun it is to watch people choose a chair that reflects their personality. Take the plunge into collecting and create a unique look for your space.

If you prefer an eclectic look, mismatched chairs is definitely a must for your dining room. Be colorful if you like, it's a great way to let your personality show.

Or how about something more neutral. This table is surrounded by wonderful French chairs covered in mismatched fabric that lends more towards texture. Add in one of my favorites, the banquette, and what a beautiful dining room you have created.

This shabby white Farm House style dining area really benefits from the use of all white, chippy, mismatched chairs.

I love the look of mismatching chairs by upholstering the same chair with different fabric. This is a wonderful mix!!!!

Great chairs all mismatched in colorful pattern give this dining room such charm.  Great for a country or even boho interior. 

This is a lovely and unique dining room made all the more charming by the way they have chosen to use mismatched Medieval style chairs.

Pastel painted, mismatched, wooden chairs are perfect for this vintage country dining space.

Emily Followill Photography

I love this dining room and it's unique mismatched seating. The use of a tufted banquette, upholstered French style chairs, and fabulous antique side chairs make the room feel as if it has been collected over time, thus adding to its character and charm.

source unknown

Mismatched modern and antique style chairs are perfectly wedded in this great kitchen. Also I like to see large upholstered chairs at the ends of a table.

Anne Robert Photography

Is this not a charming table? The crystal chandelier, lovely florals, and lace tablecloth all add to the look, but those fabulous mismatched chairs steal the show.

The mismatched, gold painted chairs add elegance to his setting.

There are many ways to get the mismatched look. Paint your chairs the same color but cover them with different upholstery selections. This gives a look of cohesiveness for those of you that are having trouble letting go of the matchy matchy look.

Using the same fabric to cover your mismatched chairs as well as painting them all the same color will  help you to achieve the look without a glaring difference.

Painting all the chairs the same color will help you keep things in control and will present a semi-unified look as opposed to a more random one.

A fun collected dining space with several styles of mismatched, primitive antique chairs.

Even in very formal dining rooms mismatched chairs will still work for you. In fact, I think it tends to boost up the interest and the elegance if done right.

via pinterest

A very eclectic dining room with many fun, mismatched chairs to choose from.

Mismatching like chairs in different colors is a great way to spruce up a tired space.  Add in some pretty seat cushions or coordinating pillows on a window seat or other area near by. Imagine how dull this space would be without these great pops of color.

When you entertain outdoors try some mismatched chairs around your table. The look is as equally lovely outside an it is indoors.

via pinterest

Also don't forget the banquette........a perfect addition to your mismatched look.

Consider placing a bench alongside your mismatched chairs and let guests be impressed by just how smart you are.

If you love vintage, enjoy surprising your guests with this style of decorating using mismatched dining chairs. 

Wonderful chairs just waiting to be painted and displayed can be found at yard sales, flea markets and antique malls and they are inexpensive in most cases.  It's something to have fun with so what are you waiting for....... get out this weekend and start YOUR collection. 

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