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Creating Preppy Eclectic Style Interiors

I love eclectic interiors. My old home is more European in style but is still a curated eclectic mix of antiques and not a "period" home. 

This post is focusing on Preppy Eclectic decor. In other words a style that is definitely preppy but has a well thought out mix of other styles. Preppy Eclectic is a colorful home with a mix and match style proudly displaying  your own personal collections of wonderful things that represent what makes you happy. Some might consider it preppy with an opportunity to think outside the box. Now don't go thinking it is an “anything goes” type of decorating. In fact, Preppy Eclectic interiors are actually planned and well thought out. 

There are some of you who are die hard preppy fanatics. On the otherhand, some of us tend to change our style as our tastes expand and mature. Preppy Eclectic will afford you the possibility of exploring elements of other styles while embracing your own signature look. If your taste runs the gamut between preppy, traditional, modern, and a few other styles in between, this is definitely the home decor tailor made for you.

Preppy Eclectic is all about livening up traditional interiors with glamorous accessories and pops of color. The charm is in the mix. While the furniture is antique, the art, pillows, and lighting are not. The serving tray is traditional in design but sits atop a wonderful mirrored piece that has more modern lines. This style is about personal style expression and coloring outside the lines.

via pinterest

This Preppy Eclectic bedroom begins with a Chinoiserie toile pattern in preppy coloring on the walls. Then add in the combination of an old world and modern mix, geometrics and color pops.

The traditional gallery wall you see in many Ivy League Preppy style homes but with the use of more unique and mis-matched pictures. The hot pink chairs top off the Preppy Eclectic space.

Ruthie Sommers via House Beautiful

To get an Preppy Eclectic look first decide what are the best parts of your favorite styles. For instance in this more traditional style room some lovely antique pieces have been collected. Then punch up the look with fun accessory pieces in other styles that you admire, fabrics, and color.

This Preppy Eclectic room is playful, colorful, and has the books associated with Ivy League Preppy. It is classic yet incorporates Mid-Century touches.

Windsor Smith

This room uses color,texture and shape to give it an Eclectic Preppy feel. It is one part classic, yet global and modern at the same time.  The table, garden seats and pottery make the look seem well traveled.

Maria Barros

Good example of a Preppy Eclectic assortment of trendy furniture, Palm Beach style wallpaper and lampshades, a touch of the exotic via the zebra ottoman, and the flamingo brings the kitsch.

Life in Grace blog

Just remember this is one look that depends on the mix and match of styles so have fun discovering new decor and incorporating it alongside your favorite preppy elements.

source unknown

This Preppy Eclectic interior is a bit more "grown up"in it's refinement but still is excellent and exciting because of the use of color, texture, shape and the addition of unusual pieces inspired by global culture.

via pinterest

Preppy Eclectic interiors can also cross over into a more Bohemian style. This room has many preppy elements but the colors and fabric choices lend more to Boho.

This bedroom has a great mix of styles. Traditional benches at the foot of a bamboo inspired four poster, cottage style chandelier, ceiling and pillows all working well with sunny preppy stripes. Preppy Eclectic is great for those of you who love the prep look but have elements of other styles you like as well.

source unknown

A lively Preppy Eclectic living room featuring colorful collectibles, books, trendy pillows, and traditional elements.

Kelley Proxmire

Preppy Palm Beach colors take center stage in this room but the modern lucite table, french chair, modern prints, and island style blinds bring in the eclecticism. 

Another room by designer Kelly Proxmire features a classic style bed, great fabric and the much desired preppy monogram.

Ikea shelving unit with a Dorothy Draper vibe gives the Hollywood Regency feel to a room full of different styles. Here you have the color associated with Preppy interiors but the collected look needed to pull off the Preppy Eclectic style.

Jamie Meares

Mixing and matching pieces without a chaotic look is an art form. In Preppy Eclectic interiors you need to pull together a harmonious look even with your unique pieces and diversity of style by thoughtfully connecting and balancing them with other parts of the room.

via pinterest

Preppy Eclectic style is sophisticated and modern. This room has the preppy stripes, monogram, and classic Queen Anne chairs but with fun twist.

Preppy Eclectic style is all about finding your favorite looks and livening them up. For instance the pictures are classical in design as is the chair, slipcover, and Greek Key border of the rug. Yet the red frames punch up the look and make it more modern as does the black and white stripes.

The high contrast of the white mirror, mantle and chandelier against the darker blue walls is definitely preppy. Here the homeowner has created an exciting interior with their use of pattern,  color, and an eclectic mix of accessories.

Ralph Lauren

Preppy Eclectic interiors are perfect for pieces that are inspired by travels. Here a Chinoiserie coffee table, exotic zebra chairs, 18h century tapestry all work beautifully with a Colonial portrait and Tartan plaid.  Also this style will feature cultivated vignettes as you can see on the various table tops.

The high gloss yellow painted Chinoiserie style chairs provide the preppy in this Preppy Eclectic interior.

In a Preppy Eclectic space you need to mix patterns fearlessly and cohesively.

Classical tufted bed, modern accessories, preppy fabrics and high contrast........voila, Preppy Eclectic bedroom.

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