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Decorating Palm Beach Preppy Style

It’s sophisticated with a vibrant, playful side and it’s a style that continues to remain popular. It is also considered classically traditional because it is a lifestyle that seems to be passed down from generation to generation.We are talking about Palm Beach Preppy and it is a style of decorating that will always be with us. Whether trendy at the time or not, it's here to stay.

One of the most noticeable aspects of Palm Beach Preppy decor is its bold use of color. The pink/green combination comes to mind immediately as it enjoys widespread popularity. However as you will see below, there are a number of other combinations that will work equally as well in a Palm Beach Preppy Interior. There are several distinct elements associated with these interiors and as long as you incorporated them into your space, prove to be very bold with color choices, become comfortable with multi-layering of pattern, and last but not least, worship at the throne of Lilly Pulitzer, you will be a success in creating your own Palm Beach Preppy home.

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Do your homework on design icon Dorothy Draper and her generous sprinklings of Hollywood Regency. Contrast is the name of the game when creating a Palm Beach Preppy interior. A touch of zebra helps to keep the well traveled look.

Caitlin Wilson

The Palm Beach Preppy home relies heavily on mixing patterns and pillows are a great accessories for doing just that. Look for chevrons, quatrefoil, trellis, and floral designs.

The pink and green combination comes to mind first when you think about Palm Beach Preppy. However blue and white is widely accepted as well.  Mirrored and lacquered furniture is another element of Hollywood Regency that works so well with Palm Beach Preppy.

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Think in terms of contrasts. The contrast will make each item pop while tying the whole look together.

Parker Kennedy

Pink and blue are Palm Beach Preppy colors. Contrast is a key element of preppy color schemes. In a room with vibrant ceiling color and fabrics,a palette of white furniture pieces serve as a perfect backdrop.

This image has so many elements of the Palm Beach Preppy decorating style.......bamboo, high gloss lacquer, pieces of coral, trelliage, and tropical brights.

Bravado Designs

Stripes, colorful floral borders, touches of Asian decor ........all elements associated with Palm Beach Preppy.


Wallpaper in a trellis design and pillows that add a touch of Chinoserie are an excellent choice for the Palm Beach Preppy interior.

The softer side of the Palm Beach Preppy interior.

But Where is the Pink and Green?  

Wait for it.............

Wait for it..............

The Holy Grail of Palm Beach Preppy interiors style........the pink/green combination. A perennial favorite of most (although I prefer many of the other combinations). I like pink and green but it can easily become too girly for my taste. Please don't hate me!! White or brightly colored painted furniture is another key element of Palm Beach Preppy design. To take advantage, you can purchase pre-painted pieces or simply paint pre-existing items. Remember to choose a glossy paint, preferably lacquer.

A variety of shape and form and patterns are an integral part of preppy decor

Little details make a huge impact in the Palm Beach Preppy room. Plus monograms can be found on just about everything from accent pillows to bath linens and everything in between. 

Great monograms by Associated Talents

Needlepoint pillows are popular and are especially desirable with monograms.

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An example of pattern layering used in Palm Beach Preppy interiors.

Anne Hepfer

Details give pizzazz to Palm Beach Preppy interiors. One simple way to do this is with a variety of piping and trim options. Contrasting piping as seen here is used frequently. Shells and Asian accessories are also great additions.

Details such as trim (pom-poms, ribbon, etc.) are often found on upholstery, lighting and accents.These little details take you room up to a whole new level.

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Palms and tropical leaves are perfection for Palm Beach Preppy style.

Jeffrey Bilhuber

There are many wonderful wallpapers available to give your room the trelliage look that is a favorite of the Palm Beach Preppy style.

I adore this kitchen! Stripes are a classic prep-worthy pattern that can be mixed into any design scheme.

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These bright yellow Chinioiserie lanterns are a surefire way to bring a touch of Palm Beach Preppy to your homes interior

Ana Cordeiro

Quatrefoil pattern is a popular choice for the Palm Beach Preppy home. Toss in monogrammed pillows and the green faux wicker style lamps and you are set to go.

Celerie Kemble

Trade in traditional chairs in favor of colorful painted bamboo alternatives if you want the Palm Beach Preppy look like this in your dining room. A bit of Chinoiserie inspired wallpaper and  a coral laden chandelier are nice additions as well.

Lindsey Harper

There are many reasons why Palm Beach Preppy is such a popular choice in home decor........ maybe even because of the way it seems to shout out CONFIDENCE!

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