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Decorating With Tabletop Christmas Trees

Is your Christmas tree the centerpiece of your holiday decorating plans? Why limit yourself to just one tree! This year try decorating with Christmas trees throughout your house. Tabletop size trees may be an idea you might like to try.These mini versions, placed in unexpected spots, will add some holiday pizzazz to any room in the house.

Tabletop Christmas trees make great accents and can be used anywhere in your home or office. And tabletop trees allow you to deck the halls, even if you're short on space. These trees may be small in size, but huge in Holiday splendor. 

I know some people feature a main larger tree in their living area but then add tabletop trees in other rooms like the entrance, dining area, or even in bedrooms. I always used large trees because I have 12 ft. ceilings in my old home, but this year I only used the top two sections of my trees to make them smaller and put them in large urns to display on tabletops. I love my smaller trees and so will you. I was due for a change as you may be give smaller tabletop trees a try this year.

I love this song, it is perfect for this post. I  hope you enjoy it too!

This tabletop tree is just as elegant unadorned as it is when dressed in your favorite garland and ornaments.

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I love the snow covered versions. Use several of these tabletop trees to evoke the feeling of an enchanted forest.

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When placed together on a window sill, different sized tabletop trees bring added Christmas cheer to your space. 

Little tabletop Christmas trees are just right for out of the way spaces. They are delightful and quick to decorate.

Simply adorned, this adorable tabletop tree would bring the warmth of an old fashioned Christmas to many areas of your home.

These cute mini tabletop trees are perfection displayed on a drum. The beauty of the tabletop tree is that you can set them on unusual items. 

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 Remember just because they are called tabletops doesn't mean you can't also use them on the floor. They are best displayed in interesting containers.
Don't forget beautiful white tabletop Christmas trees. This one features vintage jewelry. Be creative with your decorations!

Live tabletop Christmas trees are lovely during the holidays, then afterwards these trees can live for many years either as container plants or in the landscape.

Bring the holiday atmosphere to your bathroom with a tabletop Christmas tree. Unadorned for a rustic feel or lavishly trimmed, the bath is the perfect space for a lovely little tree.

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Do you have a small collection? Tabletop Christmas trees are a great way to display it. 

If you are a fan of French decor, an unadorned tabletop tree is the perfect Christmas expression. The French are known for simple and elegant.

Tabletop trees make great centerpieces for your Holiday party table. Just pick it up and use as a centerpiece. After the dinner party simple put it back where you originally had it displayed.

One of my favorite looks for Christmas is a tabletop tree set in a classic urn and left unadorned or simply lighted.

Wherever you decide to place tabletop Christmas trees, they are sure to make a festive addition.

The kitchen island is another wonderful spot for a tabletop Christmas tree. Kitchens beg for the warmth of holidays long ago and this version of the Christmas tree is the perfect solution.

Look for wonderful containers like this sled for you tabletop trees.The perfect container will make your Christmas vignette more eyecatching.

Are you short of space this Holiday?  You can still bring Christmas warmth and cheer to the smallest of interiors with a cute tabletop tree. Perfect for apartments, dorm rooms, offices, anywhere a big tree won't fit.

I love them on tables and in buckets. Picture a small child hanging up decorations on a small, fun to decorate little tabletop Christmas tree. If that doesn't fill your home with holiday spirit nothing will!

Instead of a tree skirt, try a large wicker basket for your table top tree.The basket will hold the tree steady while lending a rustic look.

If vintage is your cup of tea, an aluminum tabletop tree will provide that nostalgic feeling of Christmas past.

You can also decorate your tabletop with a collection of vintage bottle brush Christmas trees. They will certainly lighten hearts and moods.

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