Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lisa Farmer Designs - Christmas At Our House

I have been asked numerous times to post a blog with pictures of my own home and I can't think of a better time than at Christmas. This old house ( 110 years) comes alive this time of year with the sparkle of white lights and festive ribbons. I love to decorate at Christmas and I use things I have collected and have special meaning in different ways each year.  I hope you enjoy the home tour and come away with an idea or two.

Sleigh bells always bring Christmas to mind and these are attached to a tin deer mounts. My front hall feature a faux limestone paint technique that I did as a project several years ago.

The woodwork in the back portion of the hall has been faux marbelized. You can make it out if you look real hard!

A touch of magnolia and foster holly add Christmas flavor to this tabletop vignette featuring a hunt inspired Toby mug, spaniel statue and Santa on horseback leading the hunt.

This is a wonderful old French tapestry featuring a hunt scene and castle in the background.

This picture is completely done in petit point and is really amazing that someone could make all those tiny stitches.

I usually put up a big tree in the living room but this year elected to decorate a topiary instead. Pressed for time this Christmas, I went the tabletop tree route.

Christmas tabletop display of the Holy Family and the three gift bearing Magi.

I have had these three wisemen for years and used them in so many different ways.

I have enjoyed using these gold and silver pieces at Christmas for years. I don't really know what they are......I just call them flourishes. They have been on trees, chandeliers, wreaths, and this year on the bedroom mantle.

Oops looks like the cord has slipped from behind the column. Just try and ignore it....too tired to take the picture over!!

I found this great Greek key ribbon this year and it was perfect for using on my stairs. I love mixing ribbons and this worked well with other gold, aqua and leopard ribbons.

My kitchen was simply decorated for Christmas this year.......poinsettias and just a small tree with white lights.

I am so excited about my chandelier. Found it in an old shop for a song and just got it installed  two weeks ago.

This Christmas leopard was the choice of ribbon for the family room mantle.

This year instead of the big tree in the dining room, I used the top two sections and created a tabletop tree. This Christmas I wanted coral ribbon which proved o be a challenge but where there is a know the rest. This ribbon has a quatrefoil pattern which lends itself well with the exotic flavor of the room.

Bordering the ceiling in this room are several 7 x 2 1/2 foot fabric panels that I purchased in an old store during one of my treasure hunting expeditions.

Well we are back where we started. All that is left to say to all my followers  is ........

And thank you for following my blog!

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