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Decorate Neutral Interiors With A Delicate Touch Of Color

I think a neutral room is so very sophisticated and elegant. There are times I want to throw out everything and start over with a totally neutral pallet. However, I know my love for color would make it impossible for me to be content for very long if I did. I definitely need two houses to satisfy my decorating needs. I am sure there are others out there that feel the same way........  this blog post is for you.

Many people are very nervous about incorporating color into their interiors so they play it safe with neutrals and then secretly long for a flash or two or color. You can have the best of both worlds if you choose wisely. People are opting for neutral backgrounds and adding a few well placed pops of subtle color that can make all the difference in a neutral room. Neutral colors offer elegance and flexibility and you can easily change the feel of a neutral room by adding colored accessories.

Many of this season’s top color trends make it easy to add a gentle touch of color to your interiors. Pastels are big for 2015 with feminine lavenders, soft-sage greens, and warmer pinks leading the way. Don't think of pastels as too feminine. We are talking about more sophisticated shades, not "baby shower" colors. Try adding some hints of color to your neutral room ......it's an easy update!

For some people, decorating with neutral shades of beige feels safe, but others feel that a successfully designed home needs a hint of color.This can be achieved with the simple addition of textiles, paint, artwork and accessories. Paint experts are predicting that soft pastels will dominate this year’s interior color palette.

Jane Moore via Veranda

When choosing the color to add to your neutral interior, remember that the trend in pastels is more fresh, grown-up and chic, rather than childish or overly feminine.

Subtle colorful accessories are a great way to liven up a neutral interior. The zebra rug completes the look.

A neutral space like this is just begging for that unexpected touch of color.

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Pale shades add character and a hint of color while keeping things light and airy.

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Designers are incorporating subtle accents throughout the neutral spaces they’re designing, adding pastel color sparingly to avoid a sweetness overload

Consider muted aqua in the supporting role to your all neutral room.

Neutral colors actually expand your design possibilities because you won’t be limited to a specific color scheme. When you crave a change, simply change accessories.

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Don’t be afraid to bring multiple soft colors into your neutral decorating scheme to create an eye-catching and dynamic look.

There is nothing overly feminine about this space yet is has a hint of soft blue. The bolder blue tossed in the mix helps to make this a space where a man could feel equally at home. It is all bout he accessories and choosing the right shade of pastel to compliment your neutrals.

By using neutral furnishings, contemporary or transitional furniture, and grown up pink fabrics your room will look chic instead of the "little girl" look that is created by choosing the wrong shade of pink.

You don't have to think baby shower when considering which soft color to introduce to your neutral room.Choose a pastel color you love and then use a color fan deck to choose darker saturations of it. Muted tones are usually "grayed down" versions of the color.

When adding color to a neutral space, light color choices such as blues, lavenders, pinks and soft yellows are great choices. They compliment the romantic feeling of tranquility and restfulness that is typical of a neutral palette.

Teal, a deeper grayed down version of aqua, works beautifully in this bedroom. It provides just the amount of color needed to punch up the neutrals.

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Sometimes all you need is a couple of pillows, a throw, or even a fresh bouquet of flowers to bring a hint of color to your neutral space.

Whether your style is modern, transitional, or classic, a neutral backdrop enables the perfect setup for upbeat colors and playful patterns without overwhelming the space.

See how you can enjoy your love of neutral interiors but still incorporate a color or two with great finesse.

Wonderful yellow fabrics and fabulous antique furniture give this living room a welcoming, relaxed elegance.When using yellow with neutrals, stick to more golden shades. I love the hint of aqua!!! 

Don't be afraid to mix different pastels in the same neutral room. There are many options if you lean towards these soft, light hues.

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Soft blush colored pillows are enough to give this neutral interior life. Remember you can get by with just a whisper of color.

You can turn a simple living room into one of elegance by selecting varying shades of neutral colors and adding splashes of color throughout the room. 

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