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Decorate With The White And Gold Combination For Trendy Interiors

When it comes to interior design there is one new trend in color combinations that almost everyone can live comfortably with.This classic color combination is a perennial that really never goes out of style and it is leading the charge in the current return to elegance that I for one am delighted to see reemerging.This blog is dedicated to white and gold and how when used together they can bring the classic look of glamour to your interiors. I am not a big fan of stark white so when I refer to white I mean those dreamy, creamy, aged whites with warm undertones that enhance the richness of gold.

There are a number of trends involved in the gold/white combination's current popularity. Brass has made a huge comeback, and metallic madness is epidemic. The popularity of neutral interiors and their calming effect has not faded and French white still has that certain Je ne sais quoi. 

A color combination long associated with royalty, white and gold doesn't exclusively apply to palatial interiors and formal traditional rooms. The pictures I have gathered will help you see how lovely this combination enhances the modern home as well.

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It has always been a known fact that the white and gold color combination adds a touch of royalty, class, and elegance to interiors.

Thought of as lavish and luxurious, white interiors with gold gilding have been a perennial favorite in castles and palaces for centuries.

Beautiful white and gold gilded boiserie.

via Pinterest

Stunning white and gold apartment in Milan.

The white and gold combination graces the walls of some of the most beautiful homes in the world.

But not all homes have to drip with formality. There are many wonderful ways to incorporate white and gold into your interiors with just enough touches to add a little drama and glamour.

Phoebe Howard Designs

The formality of a room usually depends on how much gold is used. Gold doesn't always have to be bold, and depending on how it is used on walls, fabrics, and accessories, it can actually come across subtle and warming. Gold tones give this bedroom a cozy, classic air.

Barry Dixon

In this picture the gold tones are warm and  rich. Today golden worn finishes are desired, not the brassy shine of years past. Velvety gold tones are available in new and vintage pieces.

Of course you can still shoot for opulence and the white and gold combination will certainly deliver.

You can bring the look of luxurious white and gold to your interiors through some of the wonderful gold paints on the market today, many of which look like gilding. Paint the wood trim on furniture, paint columns, be creative. Also since brass is so trendy today keep an eye out for great tables like this one, or paint one yourself.

This room features the white/gold combination in a more modern setting. I like the look of burnished gold and the fabric of this headboard has that appeal. The white millwork gives a classic touch while the bedding and geometrics on the closet doors are chic and trendy

The calming effect of white and the warmth of gold is a color combination that is tailor made for he bedroom. If you like wallpaper, there are many lovely metallic gold and white patterns to choose from.

Pair white with gold accents to create elegant, glamorous interiors with contemporary appeal.

Or glam up white interiors with gilded furniture which adds a majestic quality in soft tones of burnished gold.

Combinations of gold and white colors bring luxury to interiors and make them shimmering style standouts.

Here is an example of how easy it is to bring some glamorous bling into your bedroom through a subtle gold metallic fabric headboard, metallic gold and white patterned wallpaper, and an interesting retro style brass chandelier.

Sandra Morgan Interiors

The white/gold combination works best when the whites are demure ivories or winter whites. Great gold accessories make it undeniably opulent.

A beautiful gilded mirror set against a vanilla white wall is sometimes all you need to pull off this lovely color combination. The exquisite brass chandelier and other small gold accents add warmth and richness to all that white.

Rich, warm, and timeless, gold is such a main staple of classic decor. When paired with white, through use of fabulous wallpaper and carpet like this gold and white bedroom by Tobi Fairley, you will have interiors that will leave your visitors speechless.

The gold in your white/gold combination can have many hues, bright brassy gold, silvery gold, or coppery gold like the picture above. I like this deep color combined with soft white.

via pinterest

Mixed gold metallics and velvet upholstery stand out against creamy white walls in this modern space.

Touches of gold are echoed throughout this classic bedroom. Decorating with the white/gold combination can create some very feminine spaces.

While this room features classical white painted molding, the gold metallic wallpaper gives it a modern trendy style.

Today's consumers want to live in a glamorous space. The white and gold combination is the perfect solution as it can easily be achieved whether they have a small or large budget. Scour used furniture stores, antique and flea markets or thrift stores for chairs and tables that can be painted white and then try your hand at DIY gilding. These small touches will go along way to creating the luxe space you desire.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Florentine gold is especially pretty if you desire an aged appearance to your white/gold inspired interior space. Here just a few gold accent pieces and beautiful fabric make this room very elegant

source unknown

Empty gold picture frames against a white wall..... a chic and easy way to add the Midas touch without breaking the bank.

Give a white bath or powder room touches of burnished gold. Add a gold sink if you really want it to shine.

Great gold gilded details add a touch of glamour without drama to any white space. Look for pretty mirrors and picture frames.

via pinterest

Or turn up the glamour in a white dining room with a beautiful collection of gold and white china. Don't be afraid to mix pieces, it's much more elegant! 

Don't forget that you can create some fabulous gold and white kitchens. For over a century, French company La Cornue has been making the most beautiful and luxurious European style ranges. 
Congratulations if you are extremely fortunate enough to build your white and gold kitchen around one of these!

Hardware is an easy way to introduce the gold and white combination to your already white kitchen.

The gold and white kitchen in the Paris apartment belonging to French architect & interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot features shimmering gold cabinets and white marble floors and backsplashes.

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