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Decorating With Bold Floral Rugs

It's spring and floors are in full bloom!

All decorators know that a well-chosen rug will act as an anchor for a room as well as define it's personality. Your furniture and accessories may combine to create a look you desire, but consider your floor a back-drop to the proceedings. Elegant floral rugs bring a breath of fresh spring air to any room, and today's colorful large scale floral rugs will serve as the centerpiece of your room. A trendy bold floral look may be just the thing to brighten up your living room, foyer, or bedroom. So stay on the forefront of home decor by keeping up with the hottest trends in rug design that will make your house a stylish, comfortable home.

An easy and affordable way to quickly change the decor of any room, without buying everything new or rearranging all that you already have, is to add floral rugs. A rug with bold floral elements works well in a room with modern style, a traditional look, or even those rooms that are somewhere in between. No matter your taste or your decorating style, the floral rug is chic, current, and a wonderful element to add to your design. 

It’s important to keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating with florals, other than to keep it balanced by not overdoing it.

Area rugs, when chosen correctly, add just the right touch in finishing any room in your home. Rugs are also a great way to add floral patterns to your space and they are easy to switch out when you want a color change.

If you already have bold walls, using bold patterned area rugs will unite the floor and walls. The look is then pulled together instead of being over powering to the eyes.

If you are daring, consider layering on the floral prints as in the room above. Use a large scale floral rug, cushions with medium to small scale prints, and vintage floral paintings or botanical prints on the walls.

These bold floral rugs look great under a coffee table, at the foot of a bed, at the front door, or even under the sofa. Plus they add just enough color to brighten a room without overwhelming other design elements.

Floral Trail Rug by Knots Rugs, UK

This look goes well with furniture that is more subtle, letting the rug be the true star in a room. If you want a bold floral rug but are alittle apprehensive, keep your furniture neutral and use patterned accents. 

Over-sized floral rugs can be the perfect addition to neutral traditional or white French Country decor.

Bed of Roses rug by DASH & ALBERT RUG COMPANY would look great in any shabby chic style space.

The bold floral rug goes great with a cottage, romantic, or eclectic design style. Remember to bring the colors up, and on to the walls.

Consider a rug covered in large, colorful blooms for the bedroom. Very romantic!

If you have solid colored walls and curtains, a bold floral rug can become a rich and inviting focal point.


You can also make a floral statement in retro-modern interiors with the addition of a bold floral area rug. Really there is no style that wouldn't benefit from the addition of one of these colorful rugs.

via pinterest

Floral rugs are a great way to bring color to your Modern Traditional space. Based on the colors you see in your rug, you can find matching or similar color accents to add to your space.

Consider a bold floral area rug if your interiors are Transitional in design. 

For their bold graphic and color these floral rugs would work well in a contemporary, eclectic home.

You can make a floral statement by going abstract or being extra bold. Through the use of bright colors and unusual patterns, Contemporary furnishings come to life.

If you are fortunate to have a blank slate in your room, fall in love with a bold floral rug and design your space around it.

While not for everybody, this multi-layered floral room somehow manages to work and would look fabulous in a Boho style interior.

You can count on the "wow factor" in your room if you choose to use one of today's trendy bold florals on your floor. It's sure to make a design statement and  you the envy of your friends.

A bold floral rug "pops" wherever you lay it........ in the dining room, living room, kitchen, sunroom, porch, or anywhere else!

Consider over-sized floral rugs in soft colors for nurseries and little girls rooms.

For those of you who have dreamed big and floral but been too timid to put your ideas into action remember you can still pull off this look with more muted colors.

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