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Decorating With Today's Bold Floral Patterns.

The floral interior is always going in and out of style.......if you are trend driven. However, some things are classic and flowers just happen to be timeless, so I think floral interiors are never passe. We love our gardens and bouquets of freshly cut flowers inside, so why should we ever consider floral interiors dated? Unfortunately there can be some really bad mistakes made when decorating with florals that tend to leave a bad taste in your mouth and ruin the look for everyone. But that is true of every trend that comes along. 

Floral interiors have made a comeback and in this post we are focusing on the bold floral patterns that will soon be showcased throughout many homes.These prints are fresh, bold, and colorful and can bring an interior alive just in time for summer. I have gathered some images to introduce you to today's fun, large scale, and bright floral prints. It's flower power all over again!

Nobody could rock a bold floral quite like Dorothy Draper. If you are not familiar with her work, visit my post

I think this quote from her has come full circle and says best what many of you are presently feeling.

The Drab Age is over. Color is coming into its own again. Until very recently people were literally scared out of their wits by color. Perhaps this was a hangover from our Puritan ancestors. But whatever the reason, brown, grays and neutrals were the only shades considered 'safe.' Now we know that lovely, clear colors have a vital effect on our mental happiness. Modern doctors and psychiatrists are convinced of this!
-Dorothy Draper

Think big, bold floral prints, bright colors, and contemporary designs to keep your floral-themed decor fresh for spring 2015.

If  bold florals make you uneasy, try to introduce floral prints in small touches, like adding a floral printed vase, artwork, or a small settee like this to revive your space. Keep the rest of your decor, like paint colors or furnishings, understated if your floral pattern is extremely bold or detailed.

Rapunzel, by Voyage

To add florals in a bigger way, try bringing in a bright, bold floral print wallpaper........

or a bold floral print sofa..............

..........or into your bedroom through bold floral pillows and coverlets like the Grandiflora Collection by Collier Campbell.

I love antique chairs covered in bold oversized florals.
Like many trends from your grandmother’s time, floral prints went out of style and the look became dated. Using small, repeated floral patterns all over can look somewhat dated However, just like many fads from the past, floral prints are making a comeback. This time around, you can choose from modern and elegant, bold floral designs to complement your contemporary interior. I am partial to these watercolor floral prints!

There are some beautiful painterly designs to choose from that depict peonies, blossom and wildflower meadows.

You can opt for full on flower power with wallpapers featuring bold, over-scaled floral patterns, or a more subtle scattering of the look depending on your taste.

Do you have an old chair that needs reupholstering? Make a statement with a bold modern floral.

A contemporary bedroom featuring a bold floral wallpaper by Fiddlehead Design Group

via Pinterest

A stylish chair for your hallway, such as a timeless mid-century design with tapered legs, reupholstered it in a fabric inspired by watercolors is a great way to introduce the bold floral trend to your interior space.

via Pinterest

Toss around a few bold flower-print pillows and you'll be right on trend.

Even traditional floral patterns are bright and bold and look great in classic and contemporary design.

source unknown

If you’re ready to embrace bold color and pattern on a grand scale, consider having a mural painted on your wall. For example, an abstract floral design, or an over-sized botanical mural. Botanicals have made a huge comeback.


Today's bolder floral prints make it even easier to blend antique and modern.

via Pinterest

Vintage white painted pieces look lovely when decorated with bold floral prints.

Design Options Inc

Colorful walls will bring this look alive. A bold pop of color on one or all walls will set the background for your summer floral interior style.

A great way to achieve a unique take on this look is to mix bold contrasting floral patterns together, ideal for a real personal touch to any space.

Remember he florals don't have to be in bright colors to be BOLD!

Wall&Deco's  Life 12 collection.

Create a whole new look by papering your ceiling in a bold floral print.

Big rooms can deal with bold trend statements. However be careful  in smaller spaces and don't ruin the look with overcrowding of floral patterns or too many bright colors.

source unknown

Accessorize your bold floral space with coordinating colored home accessories. Add bright cushions and decorative pieces to match.

Decorate your bedroom with the look of a vibrant watercolor. Painting your room white adds to the chic, fresh look. This bold floral bedroom is courtesy of Taransay Comforter and Sham Set

Watercolor floral prints are soft yet bold enough to look great in your modern home and not make your interior design appear overwhelmingly feminine.

Bold over-sized floral wallpaper murals are also very trendy at present.

I'll admit that I am a chintz girl, loving the Mario Buatta style of the 80's. It's pretty and feminine and perfect if you like English style. Stay tuned for a post all about chintz.

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