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Decorate With Rustic Italian Chandeliers

Create the ambiance of a French country home or an Italian villa by candlelight with a beautiful rustic Italian chandelier like the style spotlighted in this post. These stunning creations have been found in rural European farmhouses for centuries, reflecting Baroque and Rococo styling but in a more primitive manner. With their imperfectly formed long, scrolling arms, these Italian chandeliers make grand statements but in such a hushed tone. Add to their slender silhouette a number of wooden ornaments and/or metal leaves and you have a work of art that exudes a rustic elegance when hung above the dining table, in a foyer, or numerous other places in the home.

I adore these chandeliers and would love to have one. However, I suffer from arachnophobia and while I have no problem admiring them in pictures, I am not quit sure I would be comfortable with the spider like look of them hanging above me. I can hear you laughing now!!!

Enhance the style of your interior with a great Italian chandelier.

This Italian chandelier with it's curled arms create an airy, lightweight visual profile. Think of  this as piece of jewelry for your home.

These rustic Italian chandeliers are like the icing on the cake when it comes to adding countryside elegance to this dining room. You can see here that they are lovely with shades even though they are most commonly used without.

While beautiful, these rustic Italian chandeliers are quite large and can go a long way. You don't want one in every room by any means! I think they are most lovely as a single statement piece.

Same room, different look..........same fabulous chandelier.

Adorned with wooden ornaments and a great finish, this romantic and rustic Italian chandelier will be the focal point of the room.

Long curves and decorative ornaments mixed with wooden drops and a delicate ornamental chain captures the rustic old world feel. I love the simplicity of this particular Italian chandelier.

Lisa Farmer - Eye For Design

I have one of these chandeliers in my sitting room and I love the effect it gives. You can only see a bit of it in this pic.

I found a better image of the chandelier taken a year ago.

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus loves French design. This image is from his home featured in My golfer husband wasn't sure he liked this particular style of Italian chandelier........until I showed him Jack's house. 

Jack Nicklaus home via

This is one of my favorite styles of the rustic Italian chandelier. I love the long, winding arms!

Even though you see them often in French country interiors, these rustic Italian chandeliers look good in all European style rooms.

What's not to love about this stunning chandelier?

Although these rustic chandeliers may be Italian, they can be simply stunning in French inspired rooms.

A white-washed finish completes the old world feel of this rustic Italian chandelier.

Elongated arms hold eight lights, displayed in a subtle palette of creamy white.

I love the delicately designed arms  but this chandelier would be hard for me to live with due to my arachnophobia.

The rustic Italian chandelier really enhances this pretty room. The curved arms appear to support the candlesticks while the leaf motif and asymmetry are derived from the rococo influence.

Wood accents and delicately curved lines of this chandelier add to the charm of a French interior.

These rustic Italian chandeliers are also perfect for a more modern European style.

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