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Decorating With Blue Painted Furniture

Painted furniture is a popular trend right now even though I consider it classic because it truly never goes out of style. Painted furniture is an easy solution when you need to change the look of a room and I think every home can use a painted piece or two to break up the look of too much wood. 

I am a fan of antiquing a piece instead of distressing. I like to give a piece with good bones a second chance by making it look better instead of beating the poor thing to death. Also I don't believe in painting a good antique. Despite what many think, the French do not do that! 

This post is dedicated to those wonderful blue painted pieces. Blue is a very popular color due it’s diversity in the color spectrum. 

I have gathered some images of blue painted furniture that would enhance any interior. Believe me it was harder than I thought it would be since the percentage of good blue furniture is pale in comparison to the really bad pieces. Enjoy and let these blues lift your spirits!!

It's hard to beat a lovely faded blue patina.

source unknown

I lived the painted furniture life years ago in the 80's when my style was American Colonial/Primitive. Blue was a popular color for painted furniture then too. You would see cupboards much like the one above in lovely shades of blue. I loved it then and still am drawn to it's appeal even though blue painted furniture doesn't work in my interiors today.

source unknown

We have moved from the "everything painted white" look to a more sophisticated style of painted furniture done in creams, greys, and greyed down versions of other colors such as blue which lend an old world quality to the interior.

Blue has always been a desirable color for furniture. An article in Country life in America,  1915, stated that "painted furniture is to be used largely this year throughout. The plain colors, particularly pale grey, ivory, green and blue used in floral patterns are most popular".

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Shades of blue furniture works great when juxtaposed to whites and grays.

I think the appeal is due to the fact that any piece of furniture looks great painted blue.

Painting furniture blue is a great way to revive older pieces, especially those that need TLC but are not good enough to invest in a restoration.

Charles Faudree

This beautiful shade of blue is reminiscent of the deep grey blue found on the classic 18th and 19th century Aubusson rugs from France. It is an elegant color that works well with many colors as it is a dark neutral.

I especially love hand painted furniture pieces with blue accents.

Lovely blue and white 18th century Italian painted furniture. Try your hand a adding some embellishments to the piece you are painting yourself. Or if you are not artistically inclined, stencil on some florals and period details.

This dark "greyed down" blue works really well with neutrals.

Axel Vervoordt

The many facets of gray-blue keep this shade at the top of designers lists for painted  furniture. It's a wonderful color for keeping a feminine/masculine balance.

Blue painted furniture is a look that reflects life's simpler times, bringing back that farmhouse warmth.

This piece has a lovely blue color and texture that will add real character to any setting.

I adore the soft impressionist blue furniture often used in historic French interiors.

Charles Faudree

Incorporating blue into a room doesn't have to involve painting the walls. Adding accent pieces of blue painted furniture will give you the desired look.

In U.S. and European public opinion polls blue is overwhelmingly chosen by almost half of both men and women as their favorite. Another reason you can't go wrong with a piece of blue painted furniture.

Duck egg blue is a fabulous choice if you have decided to paint a piece of furniture. Remember the more muted the better the look.

I love the rustic European blue furniture but also adore the gilded pieces. A touch of gold never hurts!

A pretty pastel blue works particularly well when waxed with a dark brown. Just a little aging for character.

Beautiful Swedish Rococo Writing Desk via
On the high end of the current spectrum is 18th-century Swedish Gustavian painted furniture derived from King Gustav III, who had been dazzled by the court at Versailles. Many of the Gustavian examples on the market today are painted in soft grays, blues and greens.

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Furniture that fits the French Country decor has light, muted colors with a darker rich color undertone.

French country furniture, like this blue painted armoire, resembles the ornate furnishings of the 18th-century royals, but has a look that fits better in the rural French home.

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You may have discovered a piece of furniture at a thrift store or yard sale that has features reminiscent of French country pieces. Painting it to look authentic involves the proper paint and finish. Study antique painted pieces to see how and where they have aged. For instance a drawer usually doesn't get worn in the center, just around the edges. 

What causes a good idea or "trend' to become passe and even abhorred is when over saturation occurs and bad DIY projects ruin the whole look. I am afraid this is what will happen soon to the painted furniture trend. Fortunately good pieces will always stand the test of time and if your piece is painted authentically, it will become a family heirloom.

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