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Linenfold: A Classic Design Is Becoming Trendy Again

Paneling that was frequently decorated with a form of ornamentation designed to resemble folded cloth was called linenfold. A form of medieval carved ornamentation, it was found on wall paneling as well as on other forms of furniture. Linenfold was usually executed in oak and was seen on panels of seats, armoires, cupboards, chests, etc. As carved wood paneling it first appeared in Gothic European architecture and furniture in the 15th and 16th centuries.

 Linenfold wood carving originated in Flanders, a principal location for the linen industry in the 15th century. Linenfold was widely used in the north of France, Flanders, Germany, Scandinavia, and England.The motif continued in England through the 17th century and was found in Jacobean furniture. 

Linenfold pattern fell out of fashion in the 16th century. However, those in the know about trends in decorating say linenfold is an up and coming trend. Many homeowners are having it installed as wall paneling and on kitchen cupboards. Linenfold is also popping up on more modern furnishings as you will see in the latter part of the post.

People are starting to take notice of this lovely design element and finding ways to incorporate it into their interiors. I hope you enjoy the post and become a fan of linenfold.
An exquisite carved Gothic linenfold panel representing folds of linen.

Linenfold renderings from Belgian Master Woodcarver Patrick Damianens.
More examples of Patrick's FABULOUS work can be seen on his website and his blog.

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This image represents linenfold at it's best, simply beautiful.

Athelhampton House

There was a time when entire expansive rooms would be carved in linefold pattern. Can you imagine the cost of that today!

The Vyne is a 16th century country house outside Sherborne St. John, Basingstoke, Hampshire, England built for Lord Sandys, Henry VIII's Lord Chamberlain. The walls of Oak Gallery, which is one of the few surviving long galleries from the first half of the 16th century, are covered in linenfold paneling.

In many English manors linenfold was used alongside intricately carved panels.

The King's Room at Oxburgh Hall with a glimpse of linenfold paneling behind the bed. Henry VII occupied this room.

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It is amazing how the paneling looks almost curtain like. What texture and dimension it brings to a room.

Interior Design: Robin Kencel and Carlene Safdie

Usually you see linenfold paneling in darker woods but I really like it in this honey colored pine.

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Many of today's homeowners are opting to use linenfold paneling again on focal walls of their homes, especially in libraries, home offices,.......

and on fireplace walls.

Many times old doors will be carved in linenfold design. Salvage doors like this would be a nice addition to a space and wouldn't break the bank.

Late 15th century linenfold door.

Photo from

Since linenfold is an expensive design and covering a large space with it can be costly, many that love the look and want a sample in their interiors are collecting furniture that has bits of linenfold carved into it.

You see the design many times on old coffers and boxes.

English Gothic Revival style linenfold carved folding screen.

A beautiful piece of replica furniture, this half tester bed features head and foot boards of hand carved linenfold panels within the moulded framework.

An old Jacobean bench with lovely linenfold carving.

A fabulous large French oak linenfold cupboard.

The host of TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta", Monte Durham, poses before a circa-1870s linen fold chest in the dining room of his home.

Cabinets with the pattern in a modern kitchen of a homeowner that wants to be a part of the linenfold trend.

Painted island with linenfold pattern. 

Painted pieces are popping up with linenfold design.

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You can be shabby and part of the new linenfold trend!

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Vintage painted desk with linenfold design on the drop down portion. I love how linenfold looks like.......folds of linen.

Simply gorgeous linenfold carved cupboard doors.

Linenfold architectural form can come in a variety of materials. It doesn't have to be only in wood. Many metals are also used like these brass sconces outfitted in linenfold.

A contemporary black lacquer linenfold chest of drawers by Jonathan Franc.

Linenfold two drawer Art Deco chest and mirror adds a layer of glam to any room.  Today, the term linenfold describes any  material, other than cloth, that is created to represent folds of fabric.

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Today's linenfold is used in different ways but the carving is still lovely.

Here is a striking contemporary linenfold piece designed by David Savage. Below are more examples of his work

This stunning Caperana lamp table from Century Furniture suggests Tudor linenfold paneling.

Linenfold side table with what appears to be a metallic painted finish.

Whether your style is old world or modern world, the beauty of linenfold carving stands the test of time.

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