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Decorating With Vintage Lockers

There is a decorating trend that is quite popular at present that certainly brings meaning to the term "old school". You guessed it .......vintage lockers. Familiar places that bring back memories of hanging out with the boyfriend du jour between classes, vintage lockers have a comfortable feel. And since they are metal they are the perfect fit for the current industrial influences in interior design. 

I love these vintage lockers in their original skins even if those skins are as time marked as those of us who used them back in the day. I know many people sand and repaint them as DIY projects and that is OK. However this post leans more towards a good cleaning and letting the vintage look be authentic. Those of you who follow regularly know that my decorating mantra is KEEP IT AUTHENTIC!

Never in a million years would I have ever believed our old lockers would one day be coveted for accessorizing a home interior. But here we are and let's have some fun with them.

Turning up at secondhand stores and flea markets, vintage lockers are the darlings of the repurpose phenomenon.

Antique lockers from the late 1800's with three compartments and old airing holes in each door. Plus each door provides a place for a student's name. Most vintage lockers are metal so if you are lucky enough to find wooden ones you have me green with envy.

Vintage lockers are very useful while adding a whimsical touch to any decor. If you just love the idea of lockers as fun storage then you might want to place yours near an entrance.

source unknown

Although they are perfection for a boy's room.............

these vintage lockers can be used in any room of the house from the bath to the living room.

via Pinterest

Try using a vintage locker in your mudroom for extra storage as well as helping to pull off a vintage look.

Vintage lockers make wonderful pantries for your kitchen area.

I love this space. What a great closet alternative.This type locker reminds me of the style we had in my high school. 

White metal lockers work well in a French or farmhouse style entrance. Just don't clean them up too much!!

I know that these are file cabinets. I still think you could do this stenciling on lockers as well. I posted to show all you who love French style how you can paint and stencil to make your vintage lockers have that French flair.

You may not want a wall full of lockers so look for a style like this to take care of your locker cravings.

While I am not crazy about all the colors vintage lockers are being painted, I do like this old green for a pop of color. Again learn to love the nicks and scratches that give a piece warmth and authenticity. You know what we all say about OUR wrinkles........it gives us character!!

The vintage metal lockers and cool light help to create a great mix of classic French Provincial and Industrial Chic.

You can also create some interesting shelving by popping off some of the the doors of these vintage lockers.

They make super open display areas. I have even seen vintage lockers used as mini libraries.

Try some lockers as end tables.


These vintage metal lockers are a wonderful addition to this contemporary style room. This set of lockers has a nice patina as long as you have cleaned them thoroughly.

Now if I could only get my hands on a set of vintage lockers like this!!!!

This homeowner has masterfully created a great vignette using old school accessories like lockers and globes which have been trendy for home decor in recent years. An old school map would look great hung over the tablescape.

images via Pinterest

If you want colorful lockers there are some vintage ones already painted that are distressed naturally. If you over finish them you loose the whole look. The aqua one is spot on since that color is so popular today.

The vintage locker looks fabulous in this colorful, eclectic little corner.

How cute is this locker set-up for a toddler's closet and storage area! Just make sure they are securely bolted to the wall!!

Kemp Furniture

If you simply don't have the time to treasure hunt there are nice reproduction lockers out there. You can find anything from tables to desks made with the locker look.

source unknown

I love the perforated reproduction metal lockers mixed with traditional mill work. Decorating a room with different furniture styles is fashionable and fresh.


I hope these images have helped you develop locker love too.

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