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Decorating With The Blue/Green Color Combination

"Blue and green should never be seen, except with something in between". "Blue and green should never be seen, except on fools and flowers". With old sayings like this it is a wonder the blue/green combination hasn't been shamed out of existence. 

I sat on my back porch yesterday and enjoyed a beautiful "summer" blue sky, green trees and freshly mowed yards. And you know what.....I wasn't offended by that color combination at all. There were no clouds in the sky adding the color in between that is suppose to make blue and green bearable. These two colors are adjacent on the color wheel so they aren’t "complementary" according to color theory. I am just thankful for the rebellion within the interior decorating field so that we can enjoy using blue and green together. 

My favorite blue/green combination is navy and apple green and while I do think white is a lovely addition to the color palette, I still think these two colors can stand alone.There are many other shade of these colors that work together with careful consideration.

Here's to blue and green being seen!!

When decorating with blue and green the something in between is generally white. I do like the addition of white to the mix because it makes this color combination so crisp. I particularly like this shade of green mixed with navy.

Let's really get rebellious and throw stripes and flowers into the mix. I can remember when I was little being told to never wear these two patterns together. Here they have added just a small bit of green to the predominately navy and green bedding.

The tufted chairs supply the pop of kelly green that really brightens this navy and white sitting room.

More cobalt blue and kelly green with a pop of hot pink!

Deep, dark, navy blue and emerald green combine for a stunning look in this library/sitting room. The spotlights on the gold frames lighten things up a bit.

Pillows are always a sure bet for the perfect way to add a color combination like blue and green to your decor.

I love the unexpected green table in this predominately blue and white dining room. Chinese import porcelain is another great way to incorporate blue into a blue/green decorated space.

Green tends to dominates this room, and the blue is used as an accent along with the painted white furniture.

I think the problem that has to be worked out when decorating with blue and green is to find a balance for two colors that tend to fight over having the loudest voice in the room. This kitchen with it's gorgeous tilework has managed to find that balance.

Tory Burch

This lovely room is predominately green but brings in the blue by displaying a collection of Chinese import plates.

Blue, green, and white is cool and crisp combination that is perfect for a hot climate.

Sally Steponkus Interiors

You can choose to use blue and green in a vintage traditional space........

or choose to combine the two colors in a modern traditional setting. It's a great combination for many styles of decor.

Blue, green, and white are definitely a dignified trio.

If you don't like dark interiors but want to use blue and green together, paint your walls (and in this case furniture) white to set the stage for the smaller pops of blue and green that you accent with through the use of pillows and decorative objects.

via Pinterest

Don’t be afraid of the dark navy blue color because it will look awesome with your white bed or your white sheets and pillows.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

You tend to see brass and other gold metals used with the blue/green combination but as you can see silver and mirrored surfaces are equally stunning.

Stripes have always been appealing when done in blue and green. And they look great from the nursery........ a teen room. This color combination is a prep style perennial.

Rich blue and green look great together in many various combinations. Consider this classic yet trendy color combination for your next remodeling project.

The blue/green color palette is also lovely for use in your outdoor entertaining spaces.

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