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Decorating With Multiple Layered Mirrors

You can really maximize a room's style with a well-placed mirror. That being said, imagine the impact with three well placed mirrors that just happen to be layered one upon the other. Layering mirrors has been around for a bit but there are few blog posts about it so thought I would publish one for those of you who may not be that familiar with the trend. I hate to call it a trend because I think this one can be considered timeless style and a wise investment. Enjoy the images and try this easy uplift for yourself.

Louis XIV knew the visual importance of a mirror or two and how they can make a space look ever so grand!

No home should be without at least one ......in this case two or three.....strategically layered upon each other. I know many of you may have a hard time letting go of the one centered mirror hung on the wall look. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!!! I just encourage you you to try sometime new, think outside the box a bit, and go for unique and interesting. You might be surprised with where it leads you. 

Multiple layered mirrors bouncing around light in small rooms will help make the space seem larger and more grand. Plus the effect will give you a unique and old worldly tabletop vignette.

The look of layering mirrors goes hand in hand with all French styles whether classical, farmhouse, provincial, or chateau. And it doesn't matter whether they are hand-carved, gilded baroque or painted rustic farmhouse mirrors because the styles are interchangeable.

Multiple layered mirrors give depth, intimacy, and variety to a room.

Grouping multiple mirrors is a great way to make an impact that may not be possible with just one.

I think a few antique gilded mirrors with the right aged patina adds a little polish to even rustic French farmhouse style interiors.

I think a collection of ornate mirrors of multiple sizes can even have an eclectic, edgy look that works well with more modern interiors.

Image from "The French Room" by Betty Lou Phillips

Another pretty way to layer mirrors is by hanging a smaller one from the ornate top of a larger mirror. This mirror has been hung on the wall but the same look can be created with leaning them.

via Pinterest

Layering ornate mirrors will really maximize a French room's style. Lean them instead of hanging!

There are two choices you can make when layering mirrors, either stagger them like in this image......

.......or center one large mirror and layer them accordingly like on this gorgeous French console.

This vignette with centered layered mirrors is in my office. I had a couple of mirrors left over from a recent redo and decided to layer them on top of this four drawer highboy chest handmade by my great granfather. There is really only room on the narrow top for two even though I would like a third. The large one came from my grandfather's barber shop in Oxford, Ohio. I keep my antique petitpoint compacts in the gray display cabinet. 

Aidan Gray Home

Layered mirrors look great on all the traditional places like mantles, dresser tops, and on hallway consoles and other antique pieces throughout the house.

A vanity is another great place to layer small mirrors.

via Pinterest

Try layering a fabulous sunburst mirror over a large square one. Don't be afraid to mix ornate with weathered. The look is beautiful!

Lisa Luby Ryan

If you have a collection of oval frames, make mirrors, layer and display them where you can really enjoy them.

A layering of ornate painted mirrors adds just the right touch if you are into the all white French cottage decor. Make sure you age them properly and don't just paint them white. They will look too flat just painted.

If you are trying to create the weathered and faded French look, remember the more aged your layered mirrors are the better. By all means do not replace the old mirrors with bight, shiny new ones. No kidding, I have seen it done!

Layer a variety of mirrors, place your choice of a fabulous focal point, and then manipulate a stack of books or other items to just the right height to balance out the vignette.

Use a few layered mirrors to reflect the light as well as all the gorgeous things you've collected.

via Pinterest

Another example of layered mirrors in an all white French cottage setting.

via Pinterest

Layered mirrors add a dramatic and luxurious effect in this great eclectic space.

Photo by Tracery Interiors

A multi-dimensional layered sunburst mirror collection looks wonderful in this transitional style room and really pops on the navy wall.

Sunburst mirrors are a good choice for layering over large mirror walls and is perfect for this eclectic interior.

Bathroom vanity mirrors can also be a good place to layer a mirror.

Heather Scott Home & Design


Don't forget how pretty layering mirrors can be in Christmas displays. Christmas might be a good jumping off place for you if you like the look but can't take the plunge. You will have a month to get use to the idea and then might not be able to part with them as the new year rolls along.

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