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Decorating With White Painted Hardwood Floors

Depending on who you listen to, painted flooring is either hot or it's out. That is the problem with trends and why I am not an advocate of being a slave to them. I see why bright colored floors may fade in a short period of time, but I don't think that applies to painted white hardwood flooring. Painted white and whitewashed hardwood flooring is still popular because of the on going love affair with the Scandinavian look whether it be Gustavian, French Nordic, or modern Scandi interiors. These interiors are more about a lifestyle and less about decorating. So if this is a look that you like and being on the trend treadmill is of no importance to you, then by all means pull out the brushes and rollers. Paint your floors white, and enjoy them to the fullest.

The two antique homes that I have restored for myself both have had beautiful dark hardwood floors.While this is my preference, I do like a painted floor incorporated somewhere in the design of things. Painted hardwood floors have an appeal all their own and add an element of interest and surprise that breaks up the seriousness of the natural wood. It is much like the lovely antique painted furniture that is so pretty when mixed with pieces left natural.

I would never paint over a good wood floor just because I have experienced how difficult it is to sand, stain, and finish hardwood floors. But old houses usually have a room or two where the flooring isn't up to par which makes them ideal for painting. And painting them white is a lovely choice.

I hope the pictures I have gathered will inspire you to commit if you are toying with the idea of whitewashing or painting a floor white or in your home. 

Dawn Hill Antiques in New Preston, CT

I understand that since flooring is the foundation of the home most homeowners want something that is stylish but won't be dated in a few years. I think you are safe with white floors because those of us that like old world style genuinely WANT it to look dated. White painted hardwood floors are actually classic.Throughout the Gustavian period from 1772 through 1809, floors were painted white in an attempt to mimic Italian marble floors.

Since brighter, white painted floors will reflect more natural light than brown wood, painting them white also had an unexpected benefit...... the rooms appeared brighter which was a welcome change during those dark Swedish winters.

White painted hardwood floors, that are especially prominent in Scandinavian design, improve with age. A desired patina is achieved by foot traffic inevitably scuffing and wearing down the paint.

Wood flooring is a classic choice and I do love my 120 year old dark hardwood floors. However there will always be a place in the vintage home for white painted hardwood.

I painted a bedroom floor in an antique colonial home that I restored in the 80's and I have to admit painting a hardwood floor was a big decision for me. How would it hold up? Could I keep it clean? I had no problem at all.

Janet Parrella-van den Berg

Many designers say that the white painted floorboards of the Scandi look is waning as people realize how hard it is to keep it all looking so pristine. This is not suppose to be a pristine look so if you are looking for flawless and immaculate I would advise you to sit this one out.

I cleaned and mopped my painted floor just as I did my other dark hardwood spaces so it didn't matter to me one bit. Just depends on the look you want and the way you want your home to "feel".

Many say they are attracted to the gaps that show up more on a white painted hardwood floor.

I don't think I could go for all the hardwood floors in my home being painted white. I like the idea of limiting it to a single room or hall etc. White painted hardwood floors look great in this industrial vintage interior.

White painted floors will help a gloomy room or one that does not get much light feel brighter.

via Pinterest

If you have hardwood floors that need alot of work to restore, give them a quick makeover with white paint.

With heavy wear, over time, the paint will wear off revealing the wood tone beneath. Depending on your perspective, this can lead to a very attractive patina.

Small rooms like this cottage interior will feel bigger with white painted hardwood floors.

This interior exudes "farmhouse fresh" and the white painted hardwood floors play a huge part in creating that atmosphere.

Lovely French inspired interior with white painted  hardwood flooring.

I do think farmhouse, cottage, and vintage kitchens look good with white painted hardwood floors. This would be a messy place to have them though. You would need to have a mop handy!!

These white painted hardwood floors seem to bring on a relaxed feeling which is a huge part of their appeal.

They are also conducive for a cozy atmosphere.

I'm not sure I would be interested in painting my main entry hall hardwood floor white but an upstairs or small less formal hall would get a thumbs up.

Now this is gorgeous to me. I love the soft elegance of this space and would love to start filling it up with French and Scandinavian antiques.

via Pinterest

Lovely vintage vignette made even more perfect by white hardwood floors.

I adore the painted staircase in this image. We restored all the hardwood flooring in our home. However, the back stairs had been painted before so I elected to paint them again just to add some character and charm. I love them painted! They wind around just like these, it's uncanny! Mine are not white or I would show a picture.

William McClure

Even more traditional styled rooms can benefit from white painted floors.

via Pinterest

If you tire of white you can always change colors . Grays, soft greens, blues, aquas and even dark shades like black are pretty too. Another option is to stencil with a pattern.

If you like a lighter floor but don't want to paint, whitewash is always an option. Many people prefer the whitewashed look because you can still see some amount of wood grain.

Whitewashing your hardwood floors will create a softer and less dramatic look than hardwood that’s been painted white. White washing also shows off the grain and has a beautiful, natural look to it.

Be still my heart!! The Scandinavian style floor has become associated with a wider plank and a whitewashed finish that still has a strong natural feel. These floors are becoming more and more popular. The handpainted grisaille work on the wall makes this a stunning setting.


India Hicks

Painted white floors can go from country, to eclectic, 

to modern in no time. It is all in the way you execute them.

Eclectic kitchen with white painted hardwood flooring looks fresh and bright with the bold splash of color.

In or out, white hardwood floors are still lovely to look at, and it seems like there is something for everyone. Whether you choose to make yours weathered and worn, or glossy and varnished, you will be able to add a unique dimension and character to the interiors of your home. For a quick and powerful makeover give them a try!!

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