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Decorating Farmhouse Style With Green Painted Furniture

Those of you who love painted furniture know how these pieces can take center stage in any interior. And it doesn't matter if your home is decorated in shabby chic, farmhouse, cottage, or contemporary style. Vintage pieces of painted furniture will make your abode feel warm and inviting. We have all loved the white, blue, and gray painted pieces and now there seem to be a fixation on green furniture. This blog post will highlight vintage green furniture, some chippy, some not, but all lovely just the same. 

The summer of 2018 is a good time to be the color green. Everywhere you look in the world of decor this is the color to see. Green is trending in all it's color values from pale gray green, to blue greens, to sage, and on in to shades of emerald. There are several reasons for the popularity of green. Color experts often refer to green as energizing, think of new beginnings each spring. To others it is cool, calming, and sophisticated depending on which shade you use. Decorators love green because it blends easily with almost every other hue. 

I hope you enjoy the images, and that you might even consider jumping on the green trend style!!

The color green has made a huge comeback in 2018 and sage green in one of the new hot colors. A cupboard painted in a darker shade of sage is right on trend and is beautiful in a farmhouse interior.

Green weathered and painted cupboard looks fabulous with cream french furniture. Still soft but adding so much visual impact. Another bonus is how great green painted furniture looks alongside an antique tapestry.

Chippy green painted furniture adds more of a fresh earthy feel to vintage farmhouse interiors than any other color. The  fresh feel of green is why it is trending now in a big way.

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A distinctive cabinet, painted green like this one, reflects back to older days and simpler times.

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Here green painted, vintage French charm takes center stage. This color will automatically add a degree of coziness to your space.

I love this playful and eclectic mix of items in a vignette featuring a green painted vintage chest.

Cottage style still seems to be growing in popularity these days and I think part of that is because people are yearning for simpler living. Painted green pieces certainly evoke memories of that casual, comfortable style of living that cottage decorating embraces.

The weathered green painted apron makes this farmhouse table something special.

Green painted furniture is a fantastic way to bring pops of cheerful color to a distressed cottage style home decor.

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Spruce up the space with a repurposed cabinet and paint it a lovely shade of green!

Benches, inside or out, are always fun pieces to have scattered about. Green painted ones are lovely garden accessories or bring them in and toss on some pillows.


This color green really adds to the character of this piece with it's chippy paint, and rustic finish. This particular shade is really popular right now in the decor world.

Don't forget how charming a small green vignette featuring a green painted treasure can be.

Now green painted rustic furniture can be vintage and trendy at the same time!!

It’s time to liven things up a bit and add some color. You can add a little or lots of green by painting a big piece.

Chairs are a good place to start adding color to your home. You can paint or collect antique ones if you want to only add a touch of green.

Or decide to commit to a splash of green and paint or purchase a big green these great old doors. Look how pretty this color is and how well it works with other vintage accessories and crystal chandeliers.


Purchase a piece of green painted vintage furniture and you will have an eye catching focal point and be on trend at the same time.

The thing about green painted furniture is that most all shades look good in farmhouse, cottage, and French interiors.

A vibrant green shelf unit instantly modernizes the traditional decor and breaks up the monotony of the wood tones.

Some times only a small item like this green painted stool is all that is need to liven up a space. 

Sometimes we find that the furniture of a bygone era is fresher looking when painted a warm friendly color. This year that color is green! What a great green painted cupboard filled to overflowing with blue and white Cornish ware.

When you think of the word cottage your brain immediately brings to mind a simple, cozy, charmingly imperfect and whimsical home. This green painted wooden ladder fits right in to that thought.

I love mismatched chairs around the table and this green painted assortment adds a charming touch to this dining area.

Mint is another lovely choice when shopping for an antique piece of green painted furniture.

These soft green pieces of painted furniture look so pretty with dreamy, creamy white antique collectibles.

I adore naturally distressed and weathered green pieces of furniture. Green ages well!

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Like I said earlier, cream, gray, and blue painted pieces have certainly stolen our hearts. Now, with green being such a trendy color, is the time for green pieces to have their day.

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