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Decorating Indoors and Gardens With Goat Carts

Aren't goat carts the cutest things? Used indoors or out, these wooden carts will add a touch of whimsy to any setting. I let one go at auction last year and now wish I hadn't. I talked myself into not really "needing" it. You know the story.

Goat carts have been the play things of aristocratic children since the 1600's 

1.Frans Hals: Three Children With A Goat Cart
2.Gerbrand van den Eeckhout (Dutch artist, 1621-1674) Willem Woutersz. Oorthoorn in a Goat-Cart
3.Girl in Goat Cart by Nicholaes Maes

Goat carts,in the early 20th century, were  prevalent in many cities. Well to do parents bought their children goats and carts as a form of amusement. You can find many pictures of girls and boys all dressed up and posing in their goat carts. Also a boy could learn the art of harnessing and driving, something that would benefit him later.

However, the goat carts featured in this blog post have their roots in small, rural European communities where farming was a way of life and these handmade carts were used primarily for hay and to transport feed and produce to and from villages, through winding and narrow streets They were lightweight so a goat or even a big dog could easily pull them. It was economical too because small goats were cheaper to feed, etc than other larger hauling animals.

Today small wooden goat carts of this type are sought after items for antiques collectors and homeowners wanting to use them for rustic decorative purposes. I have gathered some images that I hope you enjoy. And if you see a goat cart at an estate sale or antique market, maybe you will make it home with one.

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Let's start out in Goat Cart Heaven.

Goat carts were multi-functional and were known by different names like potato or hay wagons. Now these small wooden carts are sought after items for collectors of antiques and rustic decor items.

These days they are used primarily for decorative purposes.Goat carts typically were more rustic and not as decorated as horse-drawn buggies or carriages of that era. However, some antique goat carts show traces of being painted. Blue, green, white, and red were colors used sometimes. I love this one, used indoors as a display for a shell collection.

Something as simple as a potted fern looks casually elegant in a goat cart. People tend to take them outside to hold flowers but I love them indoors.

Heather Gill Photography for

Green painted goat carts are right on trend now since green is a popular color for 2018.

These rustic, four-sided wooden goat carts usually measure around 2 feet wide, 4 feet long, and 2 feet high, with four wheels approximately 14 inches in diameter.

Many goat carts were fitted with baskets. This basket of baby's breath and pink roses is lovely. Think SPRING weddings!!

SUMMER  flowering plants spilling over the edge of an antique goat cart certainly does make an awfully pretty presentation for a yard or patio.

I like several different containers holding flowers in the goat cart instead of just one. 

Here is another idea on how to plant your goat cart using moss.

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Using a goat cart in your landscaping is a great way to incorporate your love of gardening with a bit of history.

A well planted goat cart will certainly take center stage in your garden design.

Gorgeous!! A basket full of wild flowers displayed in an antique goat cart is a perfect country farmhouse and French country accessory.

Olde Pear Primitives via Facebook

Another summer use of a goat cart in a cute, primitive Independence Day display. House and Gardens

When summer is over that same goat cart can be used in an outdoor AUTUMN display of pumpkins........

.....and chrysanthemums.

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And then there is Christmas!! A rustic country Christmas begs for a goat cart to add to the decorations. The simpler the better when it comes to using these carts.

Your goat cart will help make the WINTER months seem cheerier with whimsical and charming displays

Well we have all the seasons covered so this should convince you of just how versatile an antique goat cart can be.

Plus these goat carts can be used inside for some delightfully clever storage spaces.

Goat cart coffee table.....cute idea.

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Let's face it, a goat cart can make an attractive addition to your home.

 So if you see one at a good price, go for it!!!

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