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The Dark Green Interior Is Back And Better Than Ever

From rich emeralds to soft deep and dusky hues, dark green is one of the new favorite interior design trends. Many of you have tired of
gray, beige, taupe, or white walls and long for some color in your lives. While those were all wonderful neutrals, I would love to suggest we consider yet another neutral…dark GREEN. Since connecting to nature will be a huge design trend, we see dark, moody green leading the way. Many of you remember the hunter green interiors of the 90's but DO NOT let that image discourage you from the fabulous dark green interiors you can create for yourselves today. These green shades are designed for a new decade and they've never looked better. Chic and sophisticated in the daylight, these dark green rooms turn super cozy at night when beautifully lit.

We all know that paint color can have a significant effect on our mood. Green is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, and is associated with growth, harmony, freshness, and tranquility. As a plus, the dark side of green brings drama to a space as well. I hope this post helps you find all the inspiration you need to try a new color with enough drama to take your interiors to the next level.

It is easy to see why dark green tones are taking over in the interior design world.

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Homeowners now seem to be tired of grays and neutrals. A neutral is a color which generally goes with everything. Hopefully you will come to see how dark green does just that. That is why it has emerged as a favorite color for reliably good results.

Plus dark green is a surprisingly easy color to work and live with.

Wolterton Hall via The World of Interiors

With it's air of nostalgia, dark green is the perfect color for the old world as well as modern interior.

Dark green, like most greens, is an emotionally positive color. It is believed to relieve stress and is considered the most restful color for the eye.

I’m really attracted to the slightly muted and muddy dark green colors. I think they add a luxurious feel to any room. Look how great these green walls look paired with a pop of orange.

If the dark green is a bit too strong for you simply add in softer touches with light-colored upholstered seating.

Dark green walls set the stage in a country style bathroom. This is a good color for modern farmhouse style.

Dark green bathrooms bring to mind richness and luxury and make a strong statement. This color is "old world" enough to work well with antiques.

Elle Decor

This is how to make dark green and red interiors not look Christmassy! It's all in the attention to accessory detail.

Dark, moody colors like this green add a mysterious flair to any interior.

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via Pinterest

The elegance that comes with dark muted shades of green are a perfect choice for refined bedrooms. Some dark greens are almost black so it is hard to be sure from these photos. But I am betting on dark green.

I believe the walls in this classic bedroom are dark blackish green. This space may be dark and masculine but it is still warm and inviting.

You can just take a look at nature to tell that dark green makes a great background for so many other colors. 

Even though this bedroom is painted dark green, the color is neutral enough for these botanical art pieces to pop. The beautiful painted French headboard and ivory linens soften the look and make it cozy.

Your art collections, antiques, and other treasures will be highlighted well when dark green walls are present.

Kitchens are a great place to try some dark green. Here soothing dark gray-green with a hint of blue painted walls give an alternative to the all white vintage kitchen.

This fresh color is now a top choice for kitchen cabinetry. You might choose to commit to a whole kitchen full of dark green cabinets.......

or just choose to paint lower cabinets and an island only. Either way your kitchen will evoke the wow factor from guests. BTW metallics look so chic and stylish in the dark green kitchen.

The white kitchen usually comes to mind when farmhouse kitchen is mentioned. However, deep earth based walls, like these in dark green, are now also associated with this look. Vintage colors pop against dark green!

Small spaces need not fear dark walls. In fact they can make a space look larger. I love this dark green intimate nook!

Brandon Schubert

Dark green walls pair so beautifully with natural wood tones making antiques really stand out against them.

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At present one of the most popular companion colors for dark muted greens is mustard yellow.

Pale muted pink, (on the dusty side) works well with dark green walls. Just show some restraint and don't let it get too feminine.

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Don't forget navy. Just make sure it is a muted navy. These new dark green paints are almost velvety looking so a toned down navy velvet like this sofa would be perfect.

Shades of gray and black can sometimes look too boring and impersonal. However, when these colors play supporting roles ( furnishings and accessories) to dark green walls everything changes and the room has energy. I happen to prefer brooding charcoal tones of gray.
Or you can go all in and use a number of muted primary colors against the dark green walls.

The beauty of adding dark green, whether on the walls or in an accent piece, is that it can feel both classic and contemporary.

Darker green walls can make a sophisticated statement in an office or library.

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When incorporating moody dark  green into your space, the easiest way is to paint one accent wall. However, a far more dramatic choice is to saturate the space, then soften it up with lighter accent colors.

Gavin Houghton

I love this colorful interior! I hope you can see what a wonderful neutral background dark green can make!

I think creamy whites are much prettier with dark green. Stark white provides too much contrast unless you REALLY know what you are doing. Too much white trim work can create an over-contrast and can get "boxy".

William Diamond and Anthony Baratta

If you think saturated dark green rooms are overdoing it a little......

you can always paint an accent wall.

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Luke Edward Hall, Photography: Rebecca Reid

Green is actually a "happy" color because it combines the freshening quality of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow. Throw in some sunny yellow accessories and you have an uplifting space even though it is painted in a dark color.

If you have a flair for the dramatic or just want to try a trendy new color in your interiors, don’t be afraid to go to the dark side.....of green that is.

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