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Tiled Kitchen Walls......A Look That's In Demand

When it comes to kitchens I like an authentic old world style complete with antiques. I work best amid standing cupboards, work tables, oil paintings and chandeliers. However, I am finding the current trend of tiling walls in the kitchen quite charming and I like the European feel of it all. 
If you really want to make a statement in your kitchen, consider tiling "outside of the box". Backsplashes and tile designs for kitchens have changed and the newer trend in kitchens is the fresher option of creating wrap around tile walls. In other words enveloping your kitchen a bit more in tiles rather than using them in the typical backsplash only way.

 Backsplash tile now can cover the entire wall from counter to ceiling. And floor to ceiling tile is really trending at present. Plus there are so many other unique and interesting ways you can use tile to give the "heart of the home" a fresh, creative new factor promised from guests!

I hope you can take away a few ideas on how to bring personality to your kitchen design through tiled walls whether your style is old world, contemporary, traditional, urban, or farmhouse. Enjoy!

Todd Klein via  Photo by Scott Frances

Backsplashes that start from the counter and go all the way up to the ceiling causes the eye to travel upward making kitchen ceilings seem taller and the room feel larger and better proportioned.

Emily Henderson

Designers are recommending the use of floor to ceiling tile as it will give the illusion that a space is larger than it actually is.

Today when it come to using tile in your kitchen "go big or go home" is the designer slogan. Here the backsplash tile has continued onto the empty wall above the bottom cabinets. Taking the tile straight to the ceiling and adding open shelving gives a sleek modern impression to an otherwise traditional style kitchen.

Phillip Mitchell via

With so many ways to use tile in the kitchen it is no surprise that turning an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary kitchen can be FUN! I love the white subway tiles used around the window and continuing to the left onto what appears to be a tiled floor to ceiling wall.

via Pinterest

Floor to ceiling tiled walls is a huge trend at present. 

Classic and simple, subway tile is still holding favored status as there are so many alternatives for creating fabulous kitchen spaces with it. This style tile goes well with both traditional and modern spaces. Just take it all the way to the ceiling now!

The subway tile was created specifically for use in the New York City subway system at the beginning of the 20th century. The tiles covered large expanses because the architects considered them attractive and easy-to-clean.

There are several ways to configure subway tiles on your kitchen walls besides the alternate brick look. I love this herringbone pattern that reaches from counter to ceiling. There are others tile design styles as you will see on the following chart.

Instagram @hannesmauritzson

Many homeowners are choosing square tiles which are also lovely when used from the counter up.

Ken Fulk and Ike Kligerman Barkley, via Veranda Magazine. Photo by Douglas Friedman

This kitchen incorporates trendy tiled walls and open shelving which has been around for a couple of years but is not showing any signs of slowing down.

My favorite is the kitchen that just seems to wrap itself around you with it's use of tile on the walls.

This is a cheerful and interesting kitchen because of the way the tile is used as a backsplash and then continues around the door, extending from floor to the wallpaper border at the ceiling.

Here the backsplash, range hood, and range alcove wall have all been tiled. And if that weren't enough a portion of the ceiling has been tiled as well. Now that's commitment to the tiled kitchen.

Paul Massey

Tile wrap around walls look great in a Euro-rustic kitchen and by using open shelves instead of cabinets your kitchen will look more spacious.

Professionals say there is an increased interest in easy to clean surfaces so floor to ceiling subway tile is the perfect solution in the kitchen. Not only does it look beautiful but it is easy to clean. Here, entire walls of the kitchen have been clad in a classic white subway tile.

James M. Davie Design Inc

Extending tile from the floor or countertop to the ceiling can add color, and pattern to a kitchen especially when colored grout is use.

Steven Gambrel

Many say that the kitchen with white subway tiled walls seems too commercial.......but that is just what we are seeing in this fresh, clean design trend.

I think of a restaurant like bistro kitchen when I see tile clad walls like this.

Griffin Designs

Cost effective and classic, subway tile covered walls are the perfect addition to any style kitchen, especially a Parisian inspired one like this. 

Jeffrey Bilhuber via Photo by William Waldron

Tile IS a major commitment so really give some thought to covering your kitchen walls in it. The good thing is that, even though the look is trendy at the moment, it is a classic look that you won't get tired of in a hurry. Also it should stand the test of time. And wow, it can be so attractive.

Christine Dovey

White subway tiles in classic brick configuration but with a surprise herringbone accent above the range creates a standout design feature.

Applying tile from the floor or countertop to the ceiling can also add much needed texture to a kitchen.

I really do like the old world feel of these tiled kitchens!

Don't forget there are also many beautiful colors to tile your kitchen walls with. Here dark brown counter to ceiling tiles add drama but still produces a warm and charming space.

Colors besides white are really starting to make an appearance on the kitchen décor scene. Soft blue wrap around tile walls evoke timeless elegance.

Kathy Marshall Designs

Hubert Zandberg Interiors via Veranda Magazine, Luke White 

When the tile reaches all the way up to the ceiling you get a much more finished look. Just tiling the small section above the counter and under the cabinets actually chops the room in two and looks like something is missing.

Patterned tiles, especially if they are used to cover an entire wall, can give your space the appearance of wallpaper.

At present you can have fun with so many creative ways to incorporate the tile enveloped, crisp and classic style into the modern kitchen.

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