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Decorating Interiors In Classical Greek Style

British architect James Stuart (known as the "Father of the Greek Revival") visited Greece with Nicolas Revett in 1751 and the rest is history. Stuart and Revett then published the multi-volume Antiquities of Athens and the classical Greek aesthetic was born and the style become extremely fashionable. It reached it's height of popularity in England and other European countries in the 1820s and ‘30s. In America, the classical Greek style dominated all styles that came before it, trending for almost 30 years.

Today classic motifs are again popping up all over the place as the classical Greek Revival trend seems to be on the horizon. It’s a reboot of the ancient Greek home with elements of design also sought after for today's modern home.

Considering a makeover? If you are tired of minimalism but still enjoy a clean interior, you will definitely want to embrace the classic Greek revival style. 

I have gathered some images of amazing interiors that will hopefully give you ideas plus tips on how to bring this classical and luxurious decorating style into your own homes.....even if on a smaller scale. Enjoy!!

The temples of ancient Greece were the inspiration for America's first truly national architectural style. Americans were fascinated by all things classical and Greek with temple-fronted façades on the nation’s churches, banks, town halls, and houses. 

The trend is back and classical Grecian elements are being welcomed again to help create beautiful interiors.

The classical Greek design style encourages luxury through art and sculpture.

No classical Greek interior is complete without standing sculptures.

If you have the space, don’t hold back. A large statue will complement any classical Greek  designed space. Sometimes you can find them at auctions and estate sales. You never know what you might find while treasure hunting.

Luis Bustamante

If your classical Greek space is limited and a life sized statue is not possible, by all means look for your statuary in the form of a painting or another type of wall art.


Perhaps the most iconic example of ancient Greek décor is the bust sculpture.

A classical bust provides the perfect way to add Grecian style to a console, bookcase, or side/coffee table. 

Just make sure the busts you choose are  Greek or Roman. The beautiful French busts will look out of place in a classical Greek interior.

via Pinterest

Natural stone flooring, especially marble or limestone, creates a coolness that is associated with classical Greek interiors.

The harlequin floor also looks splendid in a Grecian style interior and adds warmth.

One way you can create a classical Greek look in your home is by adding beautiful columns. Columns draw the eye upwards which helps to emphasize the greatness of everything in the room. 

Luis Bustamante

Remember you don't have to attach your columns to the walls or ceilings. I love free standing columns..... unless you have children or large dogs.

Larger faux columns can also be installed in entryways or throughout your space to create an air of luxury.

Here faux millwork columns, black urn themed table lamps, and the x-shaped curule seat combine to create a lux modern Greek interior.

Diane Burn, Designer

Shorter columns can be a great addition throughout your home to be used as a decorative pedestal or side table for potted plants or other accessories. Column capitals are stunning when used as coffee or side tables.

Lisa Farmer - Eye For Design

Although my living room is more French in style I do use a faux capital to add more classical appeal.

Designer Bobby McAlpine

The attention to the walls in the form of painted classical elements give this home a definite historical Greek feel. Another great element is the use of hanging drapes to separate spaces. And of course there are the columns.

Murals were incredibly popular in historical ancient Greek buildings. They were usually painted or created from tile mosaics. You can find beautiful mosaic wall art in today. These two pieces come from Houzz and Etsy.

Grisaille is a painting technique executed entirely in shades of grey or of another neutral greyish color. It is particularly used in large classical decorative schemes in imitation of sculpture which makes it perfect for the classical Greek interior. You can have a space painted or cover your wall in any of the beautiful grisaille wallpaper murals available today.

Or you may want to try an architectural themed border in classical Greek style.

                                    luxefurniture.net                                                          burkedecor.com

Research some of the beautiful Greek inspired wallpapers on the market today!

via Pinterest
You can even add large Greek themed art to set the stage for your new makeover.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.

Jacques Garcia

Collect Grecian figurines and other sculptures to display on tables, shelves, et cetra. The classical Greek style interior can be clean like minimalism yet impressive because of the wonderful added accessories.

 Ode on a Grecian Urn.....Keats knew what he was talking about!! Collect urns and also obelisks for display. They will bring an instant sense of history to your classical Greek interiors.

     via Pinterest                                                           ashmolean.org

The rich colors of Greek inspired painted pottery will bring the artistic and historical appeal to your home. Classical Greek style can be on the cool side if you surround yourself with neutral walls and marble or stone statues and busts. This stunning style pottery will help to bring warmth to the space.

SJSDesignsGallery on Etsy

While wall colors in a classical Greek interior are usually painted or stuccoed in shades of white, there are others colors that will look equally amazing. Terra cotta is one such color. This color creates a great background for making your statues and busts "pop".

 Lisa Farmer - Eye For Design

I chose this color for my own bedroom and also added some black accents. Black pairs well with classical Greek décor so you can never go wrong with adding some through your Greek inspired accessories. I also like the way deep red looks with terra cotta for a classical space. 

Joe Chaffer (@vagabondantiques) on Instagram

Try a deep teal on the walls for a classic look.

Because of the Aegean Sea and white sand beaches, blue and white are colors associated with the Greek isles. This color combination works well for the Grecian interior. Just add in some classical elements and you are good to go.

Another outstanding color! I love the deep red walls in this classical interior designed by Nicky Haslam. Set some busts on top of your bookcases and add some Greek style vessels on the shelves alongside your books. And of course there are iconic relief sculptures! Here the relief sculptures form a continuous relief around the ceiling but as you will see below there are other ways to incorporate them.

Lisa Farmer - Eye For Design

 I have a few on the walls of my bedroom as well over the desk in my office beyond. I love the way they instantly bring a Greek feel to the rooms.  I also stenciled a Greek Key design on the walls of my office.

Renzo Mongiardino, Designer

The relief sculptures, classically painted walls, statuary, and other Greek style accessories help to create a truly stunning interior. Even without the soaring ceilings you would have a fabulous room. No bright colors! Only strong muddied shades will do whether you use them on the walls or the furnishings.

theacienthome on etsy

There are wonderful reproduction reliefs to choose from!!

Jaya Ibrahim

Green is another great color to incorporate into a classical Grecian style room. Collect pictures of urns, vases, or classical architecture to display.

The Greek key design is one of the most common designs in ancient Greek art and is symbolic of eternity. While the Greek Key design is iconic, timeless, and classic, it also fares well in sophisticated modern Grecian style interiors.

Look for the Greek Key motif on fabric goods such as pillows, throws, tablecloths, and window treatments. Even accessories like picture frames and vases that feature the motif will add some Greek flair to any room.

Images via Pinterest

What a stunning entrance these gorgeous portieres with Greek Key design make.

Don't hesitate to bring that outside garden urn into your Greek themed interior!!

    Furlow Gatewood

Greek sofas were called klines and may have actually been modeled on Egyptian beds. Eventually lines became softer and much use was made of subtle and elegant curves. French daybeds like the one in this image would be a good sofa choice for a classical Greek interior........

Amelia Handegan, left
Thierry Tenars, right

as would a French Empire style sofa like the image on the left. Even the Knole sofa on the right evokes a classical Grecian feel.

A free standing claw foot tub is a must have for the classical Greek bathroom. You can still find the old Victorian type and use faux marbling techniques to create your own old world tub.

Lisa Farmer - Eye For Design

I marbleized and gilded this antique bath tub as well as an old mantle I found, then added a leopard fur border with acanthus leaf paper strip underneath around the ceiling. I have painted the space under the mantle black now...... just have not taken a picture yet.

Lisa Farmer - Eye For Design

I added in some classical elements like this lidded urn which lends to the neoclassical feel of the space.

William McLure

Hides and furs add an air of sophistication to a classical Greek interior. Texture plays an important part in today's Greek style so the fur and the rustic nubby textured rug looks perfect against the highly polished stone?? (it is hard to tell) floor.

Ramon Garcia Jurado

Another shout out to fur! This Greek style bedroom really benefits from the faux fur spread. Add in the column, wonderful Greek painted pottery, and other perfect accessories and you have a fabulous space. Classical Greek interiors can be a bit strong. I love the black walls but if it is too masculine for you ivory walls would soften things up a bit.

A softer bedroom with classical Greek accessories. The lyre shaped side table is the perfect addition.

This image, and the one below, emphasizes the fact that a touch of faux fur, in this case leopard, is stunning in a classical Greek home.

Look for mirrors that have a classical Grecian flair when designing this style interior. The arch with classical elements like the urn and swags is perfect. A Federal bulls eye convex mirror will also work in the Greek space as will any mirror with a pediment like #3.

Jean-Louis Deniot

In fact keep pediments on your mind as you look for décor to add to your classical Greek interior!!

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