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Decorating With Faux Finishes And Old World Textures

If you love the look of the aged-plaster walls, marble, stone and wood grain found in European homes, try recreating the dimension, depth, beauty and drama on your own walls with faux painting. Faux is a French word for artificial or imitation and faux finishing techniques will give the appearance of a material such as stone, metal, or wood, and architectural style aesthetic to your walls.

Faux finishing has been used as decorative arts as far back as cave paintings, the tombs of Ancient Egypt, and plaster and stucco dwelling of Mesopotamia over 5,000 years ago. 

Today faux has taken on an artistry in itself. With faux finish techniques from distressing, graining, and layering on a variety of colors to add depth and to age your walls, there are truly no limitations as to the look that one can create. Faux finishes and textures are perfect for interiors that want to bring an aged patina to their interiors. These finishes have a shine quality and movement that speaks of old world finishes, and yet are very functional for today's decor. 

There are so many techniques and varieties available that there is one suitable for just about every home and home owner. I have used several techniques in my own home, as you will see below, and have loved the results.

Have you bought wonderful furniture and accessories only to have you room still appear nondescript? Don't be discouraged....... it’s all about paint and faux finishes. By adding just some of these techniques, you’re going to love the way your home looks

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Re-create that aged patina with nothing more than paint and transform your home's surfaces into visually stunning decor by using a few simple faux painting techniques.

Kimberly Wohlfarth,Artist

Ceilings are usually not given much thought and often overlooked. You too can have a ceiling like this one, hand plastered with a hand painted ceiling medallion.

You too can add charm and distinction to your bare walls. Use faux painting as a way of bringing an old world art technique to your space. It's a great way to decorate your home uniquely and inexpensively while adding a level of visual texture.

Look at he visual impact of patina on the walls of this room. Simply gorgeous!

Faux surface painting definitely puts some "wow" on your walls.

Savena Doychinov, CKD/Design Studio Intern

Decorating magazines and home tours are filled with colorful faux finishing ideas. The walls and ceiling of this bath are lovely. 

Consider a faux finishing technique called marbleizing which helps create the variegated look of veins in marble and beauty of the varied colors with just a paint brush, feather, and the right paint. Architectural details in your home such as columns, corbels, and other details can be given a transformation.

My favorite things about faux painted surfaces are the depth and dimension they brings to an otherwise flat space.

It your look leans towards exotic, faux painting in a tortoise shell design could be just what you need to put your room over the top!

An old clawfoot tub is the perfect place to try your hand at faux painting techniques. If you have always wanted a copper tub, here is your chance.

This is the tub in one of my baths that I marbleized in green and then gilded the rim and legs.

You can have the feel of aged and weathered plaster if you learn the right faux finish technique.

More beautiful plaster work. Plaster is one of the most popular faux painting techniques.

These two pictures are of a hall in my home that I did in faux limestone finish.  It was time consuming but worth the work. I get many compliments on these walls.

Using a combination of paint and glazes you can create a range of different textures, from linen to marble. The main tools used for these faux finish techniques are quite basic: paint roller, painters tape, painting combs, sponges, brushes, even steel wool – depending on the style and texture you want.

Artstar Custom Paintworks

Your ceiling or 5th wall as it is referred to by designers, is one of the best places to apply faux finish techniques.Transform a boring white painted ceiling, then paint (or like in this case faux finish) the remaining walls a color to complement that finish.

marbleized the woodwork in one area of my home in soft creamy marble with subtle veins. This Christmas picture is the only one I have taken of the result. It is much prettier than it shows up here.

Homes just aren’t a box with white walls anymore. You need to get some color and texture in your world and faux painting will provide you the opportunity to take your home from nice to fabulous.

Consider a faux finish like this for your range hood.

Why limit yourself to a boring white color by default that looks identical from room to room when you can enjoy an old world textural wall. These finishes give a room warmth and character.

Over the years faux finishers have developed many styles and techniques to duplicate the look of such finishes as aged plaster, marble, limestone, wood and distressed paint. These finishes can be recreated in days and sometimes even hours by a finisher. Or learn to do it yourself!

Tony Duquette

You can even learn to paint your walls in faux malachite.........

source unknown

and agate, which is a popular new trend.

This ceiling has a cracked leather finish.

If you have a dome or tray ceiling  you are not doing justice to a wonderful architectural feature by just paining it. They look stunning when decorated with faux paint techniques. It's like they were made for each other!

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Four walls too much for you? Try faux painting just a portion for interest and color.

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Faux finishing is designed to update your home and add value and design appeal .This wall is fabulous done in plaster over metallic paint.

Think you can’t learn to paint professional looking walls yourself? You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s so easy. There are many tutorials that will teach you how to break the limits of ordinary wall paint and learn how to make your room a canvas on which to produce a distinctive look that is sure to create an impression upon all your visitors.

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