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How To Create A French Bathroom

For a bathroom that oozes style, sophistication, romance, and elegance, French decor is the perfect choice. There is nothing like the feel of starting your morning off in style, whether you choose Parisian chic or the quite charm of Provence.

Below are some tips to help you turn your bath into a warm and romantic retreat with all the elegance that decorating in French style brings. Perhaps the charm of a French bathroom is due to the fact that the French consider it to be another important room which they decorate in the same way as the rest of the house.

Just remember French decorating is actually a way of life. For example most Americans choose their bath accessories based on functionality while the French will rather choose what works best in pleasing the eye. Curtains are chosen for charm....... not mildew resistance, and mirrors for the elegance they bring to a room....... not the fact that they are guaranteed not to steam up. So you might have to change your way of thinking if you choose to truly have a charming French bath. Just saying......!

As you will see from the images below, one of the best ways to achieve the French look in your bath is to invest in a wonderful French style tub. It will be the perfect focal point that dictates the rest of the styling in the room. Decorating in Parisian and Chateau style, certainly adds class to the bath.

source unknown

This wonderful French bath is decorated in Country French or Provencal style and has more of a charming earthy appeal. Replacing modern storage shelves with an antique wooden piece like this armoire will give an authentic feel to the space as well. 

Jacques Garcia

To achieve the classic French look you should furnish a bathroom with antique-style pieces that will enhance the look. It may take some weekends scouring antiques and collectible fairs but the prettiest rooms are those that are collected and curated over time. Your French bathroom will look more authentic if you follow this plan of decorating it. Don't forget the floor. I love the warmth of an oriental carpet in the bath!

A standard style claw foot tub is less expensive and still works wonderfully in your French style bathroom. Check out salvage companies and keep your eye on old homes that are being demolished.

Sophisticated and feminine, this French bath is ornate and romantic without being frilly. So many people think you have to be frilly to be French. NOT SO! Pretty bath towels in light colors, such as peach, gold, white or tan are worth the splurge.

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Shutters on the windows of your French bath are a wonderful alternative to curtains.

Charles Faudree

Basins in French baths are often fitted into wooden cabinets, giving extra storage space and neatly concealing plumbing. Search for secondhand furniture that can be re-purposed for this project. 

Wall sconces in wrought iron or gold gilt, chandeliers, and candles provide your French bath with romantic, soft light. You might also consider a harlequin floor.........they are stunning.

Look for large, ornate mirrors in gold, or neutral colors with detailed carvings of sculpted bows, ribbons, and architectural elements.

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An ornate mirror is much lovelier and  lends more elegance to the French bath  than a bare or frameless mirror.

In the French Provencal bathroom look for rustic mirrors with patina. Same for pieces of furniture re-purposed as basins. Hand painted pieces are especially lovely!

Another great example!

Touches of black, sconces, and a gallery wall of small antique pictures capture a romantic French ambiance in this Paris apartment bathroom. Again scour the thrift and antique stores for treasures.

Another image of the same Parisian bathroom. For a touch of decadence use beautiful silk or velvet in you curtains. Don't forget the embellishments! All this added together gives your French bath it's character.

French furniture is often delicate with elegantly turned legs and this smallness of scale makes it ideal for more compact rooms. Add a touch of glamorous drama installing a crystal chandelier.Understated Luxe!

Add elegant, carved prickets with candlelight that can easily melt the stress away. I love the use of corbels to display the towels. This is an idea I plan to use! You can do wonderful things with architectural elements and they make your bath look so French.
Toile on the walls, window treatments, or upholstered pieces is a sure winner at giving a bathroom French appeal.

Create a textured, rough look to the walls with a faux painting technique. Learn how to create the look of aged plaster.  

Wood floors are the number one choice but you can also floor your traditional French bathroom using patterned stone tiles or terra cotta tiles. Go for carving in a tasteful amount as well as luxurious fabrics at the windows. Provide light for primping at your vanity with a small crystal chandelier.

The vanity space of the French bathroom requires special attention.The French color scheme of neutral white, tan, gold, soft rose, cream, brown and black provides you a wide range of color to work with and gives a  subtle look that is sophisticated and elegant. Of course any hand painting you can hire done or execute yourself will amp up the French style.

A small, cushioned  chair in front of a beautiful French table and mirror is the perfect place to indulge your vanity. And by all means add doors like this is you can!

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Display perfume and other toiletries in antique glass dispensers and bottles. They look much more elegant than the same products in their original containers. There are gorgeous glass bottles to be found so get out there and treasure hunt! I even store my liquid laundry detergent and dish detergent in antique glass bottles. No plastic please!!

Jack and Susan Arnold

Soft colored wallpaper patterns on bathroom walls is a great start to capturing a French atmosphere.

Create something unique like adding a table and mirror to your tub time. How wonderful! Finding accessories for a French bath is the key to creating the look you desire. Regular visits to secondhand shops, vintage/antique malls, and flea market and collectible fairs are a must!

18th century French chateau style bathroom.

Wrought iron baskets hold washcloths, extra rolls of toilet paper, or makeup items in this French Provencal bath. Beams ceiling are a great asset for this look if you can incorporate them. Also look for those fabulous ways to set off your tubs with wood trim and delicate lace.

Another French Provencal bath with a lovely tub treatment.

A red and white toile curtain surrounds the tub in this Château du Champ de Bataille bath.

You too can create a curtained tub effect with a coronet ( or something equally creative) and pretty fabric.
Consider moving a small, unused dresser into your bathroom for extra storage. I would probably change the knobs and drawer pulls to something subtly French in style.

The nostalgic mood of a French Country bathroom will transport you back in time to when life was simple, predictable and stress free - a perfect place for escape, to unwind and rejuvenate a tired body and mind.

What better way to end a long tiring day that to soak in a French inspired bathroom.....

...... in something like this!!!

Parisian 19th c. zinc bath, with golden base & feet from Southeby's.

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