Monday, June 1, 2015

The Art Of Patina Course Giveaway.....Bring Authenticity To Your Next Project

Eye For Design has received it's 1,000,000th page view! A heartfelt thanks to each of you for helping me reach this milestone.

As most of you know while I do embrace certain current trends, I love all things classical. My last two blog posts have dealt with classical wall treatments such as fresco and mural paintings and wonderful faux wall finishes that help bring age and character to your home. 

Now if you too love the look of age and patina found on antiques and other painted accessories  in old European homes, this Giveaway is for you!

In celebration of my one millionth page view I am hosting a fabulous Giveaway from the experts at Farragoz Antique Paint Studio.

This Giveaway, valued at $150.00, features an on line course that will teach you techniques for creating antique furniture finishes, based on ancient paint recipes, that will make your project look authentically old.

This course in the Art of Patina is being taught around the globe to the satisfaction of many students that respond with such remarks as

 "attending art school was something I had always wanted to do way back, when I was much younger. This online course is truly fulfilling my dream of what it would have been like."

"The techniques you learn along the way are like an arsenal. Every phase I finish sends the wheels spinning. I have about a dozen ideas percolating."

"Wonderful tutorial, you explain everything so well, and the music is very soothing. I feel like I'm right in the studio taking a class. Thanks so much."

"I will always have deep respect for you for all that you have given me in this class! You have already changed my life and I am only on module 2."

Click here to learn more about the course!

To register for the Giveaway, click the link below and sign in with your Facebook or use your email!  

Be sure to follow the steps within the Giveaway form o make use of the multiple entries. Each sep will count as another entry.

Good luck and congratulations to the winner in advance!!


  1. I am so very excited about this giveaway! I have always loved the patina look but I have no clue how the process works! Thank you so much for such an amazing offer! Best of luck to all!

    1. Hi Debbie, I love that giving things an aged patina is so popular now....if only the trend would apply to personal appearance! It is a fun process that makes you feel you have created and heirloom. Thanks for reading the blog and best of luck with the contest!

  2. Thank you for such a generous giveaway! I follow on Pinterest and Facebook.. I thought I followed on Twitter as well..

    1. Thank you for following Kiki. I appreciate your interest in my blog. Best of luck with the contest!

  3. Don't know how I stumbled upon your blog! Smiled big when I saw the pictures of the Galley Kitchens. If my 1970's era home had look anything like any of them (or even had the potential to look like even one) we wouldn't have ripped it out and started with a square. Now we are almost done and I'm so thankful. Just couldn't function in such a narrow space with so few cabinets!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Rebecca -A Gathering Place/REBECCA VINTAGE

    1. Greetings Rebecca, I would rip out most of this style kitchen too because they were not too appealing in the past. Luckily for today's homeowner that is short on space they can be made lovely as well as functional. Enjoy your new kitchen and best of luck with the contest!


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