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Purple Interiors.....Yes, They Can be Elegant and Sophisticated!'s not just for kid's rooms any longer! With a range of hues occurring between red and blue on the color wheel, purple can evoke a lot of different interior moods from romantic to dramatic, playful, and even sophisticated. Your choices can run from deep, dark aubergine or eggplant as it is sometimes called, to the palest mauve, a lighter and less saturated shade of purple.... interestingly enough the color of a by product created by a scientific experiment attempting to create artificial quinine.

Starting with the bluer side and ending with my personal favorite, the redder side, this post will deal mainly with the shades of purple that I think make the most beautiful rooms regardless the interior style. Some of the trendier shades won't be here because they will become tiring very quickly and can come across as gaudy, giving purple a bad name.

The white minimalistic interior has left us all thirsting for color. Consider purple, even if you have to call it by one of it's shade names in order to fathom the idea of incorporating this neglected color into your homes. Give it a chance, do your homework so you can get it right, and you might just be surprised how elegant a purple interior can be.

The English name of the color that in Latin is known as "purpura" was the color of a dye extracted from a mollusk found on the shores of the city of Tyre in ancient Phoenicia. Tyrian purple was a symbol of royalty and political authority and was a rich blue based purple.

There was a time when purple dye was rare. Historically, this color has a connection to luxury because only the rich and those who belonged to royalty could afford to wear, or present it in any way.

Purple in all it's shades has become a more respected color for home design in recent years. This color that most residents don't normally take seriously, is being embraced by young and old and there are many images now to prove the fact that purple interiors can be elegant and sophisticated. Hopefully some of these will help you to take notice as well.

Amanda Nisbet, designer- Photography by

All shades of green work well with purple. Try making an unapologetic move to the bolder chartreuse shade accessories for lovely interiors. Add in some golden yellow and you have a great, definitely sophisticated interior!

The brightness of chartreuse against shades of purple makes for a tension in the room that the eye appreciates.

A darker shade of purple, like on these walls and bookcases, makes a bold backdrop which allows the mix in this chic room to really pop. I love the detailing in purple that trims the rug.

This purple color is a nice calming hue for the soft, sophisticated look of this interior. Pink goes well with purple because they are neighbors on the color wheel. Just don't overdo or it will get childish.

This softer shade of purple never overwhelms and always feels classic and fresh. Purple in this interior is balanced well by neutrals and natural wooden furniture, especially in warm browns.

By all means embrace the unexpected when you create a purple interior. Just make sure you add a level of sophistication like the tiger print pillows, antique French chair, and artwork so ‘cuteness’ , that is so often associated with purple, won't ruin the look.

Accents in a purple room allow the purple to be the star while still complementing it well.

Purple walls are at risk of making a room undesirably dark. This can be remedied with the addition of some neutrals to soften the look.

Purple with black can still have a chic presentation....... just slightly edgier.  Light purple pairs well with black and won’t make the room too dark. If you want to use a darker shade of purple make sure to use a few light yellow, pink, or cream accents. Toss in some pillows and artwork to brighten the moodiness a bit.

Yellow, especially on the gold side, pairs well with purple for a bold and energizing interior.

The gold tones can really pop off purple and make it look luxe and elegant. Brass accents are always nice!

When purple and shades of gold come together in a space you really get the sense of royal elegance but in a modern, stylish way.

Photo by John Neitzel via

via Pinterest

If thoughts of purple walls are too overwhelming don't throw in the towel and give up on the color. Since it doesn't take much purple to fill a room with personality and fun, it can be used to create a splash of color as an accent wall.......

or used as a purple splash of color on the floor to draw the eye downward........

or you can even opt to paint the ceiling purple to draw the eye upward. via Martha Stewart

Purple with it's many shades can find a place in any room in your home. This includes your bathroom which will look elegant and airy if you choose a lighter shade.

Darker purple bathrooms will be more dramatic, adding flair and sophistication.

Remember, contrary to what most people think, dark colors will make a small space appear larger. The dark purple gives this bath it's glamour and elegance.

I am not a big advocate of saturated purple kitchens but I do believe there are lovely ways to incorporate this color. I am definitely a fan of this soft muted lilac backsplash.

Try an accent wall in a dark shade of purple. You can see that when coupled with a predominately light neutral the purple add to and does not dominate and overwhelm the kitchen.

An island and some pretty purple flowers may be all you need!

However, if you are sold on a colorful kitchen, purple in it's various shades will be a good choice.

Source: de Gournay
Hand-Painted Interiors, by Claud Gurney

The choice of purple for this kitchen is a bold move but what a lovely interior space has been created here. This purple interior has been elevated to the elegant and sophisticated domain by the de Gourney wallpaper and the choice of complementary colors.

via Pinterest

A saturated purple room is a lovely elegant backdrop for modern traditional furnishings.

While the color purple is considered a serious contender for sophisticated interiors today, it is still a fun one with which you can be whimsical.

Purple walls with fearless pops of color can certainly create the happy environments people yearn for in these intense times.

Since purple is a mixture of blue and red ..... cold and warm, you can go either way your personality favors when creating your purple interior.

You have seen the BLUE side of purple in many of the previous it's time for MY favorite side which is the sexy RED side of purple. This shade creates some elegant interiors!

This side of purple makes a room warm, romantic, and inviting.

Pairing this shade of purple with orange or pink will create a lively, passionate mood quality that elicits well being and happiness.

Purple is a stunning choice for a colorful yet sophisticated library. The books seem to pop off the shelves.

Another beautiful purple library with brass accents. Brass and purple are made for each other.

Adding jewel tone accessories to a purple room will create a room reminiscent of a a little jewel box within a house......especially in a small space.

Dark purple like on these walls allow the color mix in the room to pop against the bold backdrop.

Alexa Hampton, designer....Photo: Steve Freihon

If you like deeply saturated and warmer purples you might consider the rich and mysterious shades of aubergine. As you can see this color basks in the support of orange. 

More jewel tone colors against an aubergine purple background in the home of fashion designer Alice Temperley.

Add some neutral walls if aubergine purple saturation is too much for you. Plus you don't have to accent with bold orange. Softer, muted shades are also lovely paired with this shade of purple.

Photo credit: Roland Beaufre

If the Boho style is what you are looking for, seriously consider a pretty darker shade of purple for your walls. Remember a dark color can actually make a small space appear larger.

And why not opt for a purple mudroom! The brass hardware really sets the cabinets and drawers off and gives even an utilitarian space some refinement.

via Pinterest

Bedrooms are another good space to try to ride the trend and experiment with the color purple. Bold purple walls in the bedroom might be too overwhelming, after all the bedroom is suppose to be restful and a bit more serene. Try a pretty soft orchid shade and toss in some accessories like the throw in a different shade of the same color.

Walls painted a soft purple with gray undertones would be nice in the bedroom. Then incorporate it throughout the rest of the room through coverlets, pillows, and draperies. You can have a feminine purple bedroom without it becoming too cute or girly.

Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard via

Wallpaper is making a huge resurgence in popularity. With so many lovely patterns to choose from now is the time to entertain the idea of a purple bedroom redo featuring papered walls.

Spain based designer Silvia Rademakers

If purple saturation is just too much for you, there are countless ways shades of purple can be distributed throughout the home in smaller doses by means of furniture,

and accessories.

You can design your spaces with soft whispers of purple.....

or choose dark "royal" pops for a dose of glamour.

The wrong shade of purple can be overpowering and intolerable. However, the right shade can make you so glad you gave this color a chance. If you are attempting the makeover yourself make sure you plan well and do your homework. Or contact a skilled designer to help you create the elegant and sophisticated purple interior of your dreams.

This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

In the event that I have not credited the correct source of an image, please contact me at and I will be glad to correct it.

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