Monday, June 25, 2012

A Mad Hatter Tea Party

Play the music and enjoy the party.

The time is always right for High Tea!!

When the table is set and and scrumptious morsels abound, a tea party is ready that all you guests will be MAD about!


Alice's tea party etiquette.

A tea party is a great way to lift your spirits if you are feeling small and insignificant!

What is a tea party without gorgeous goodies. I love this pretty pink and white tea pot filled with china inspired cake pops.


Nothing can beat biscuits and jam! 

I love to set a table with mismatched tea cups and saucers. As long as they are well coordinated it works wonderfully and makes the table a bit more interesting.


Well, she is off to paint the roses red !

And he is always forgetting his hat!!!

One lump or two my dear.

What a great setting for a tea party.


Oh the burden of hosting the perfect tea party!!

Tea tastes so much better served in beautiful cups and saucers.


This reminds me of a scene from a Jean-Honor'e Fragonard painting

Who doesn't enjoy a sip of tea?


Another lovely spot for tea!


And maybe a little innocent gossip...nothing malicious of course!!

Perennial favorite...the silver tea pot!


Wouldn't you  love to have been a guest for High Tea at this table?

I do wish all my new friends could join me for tea. For now I hope you enjoy the post and please visit again!


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