Sunday, June 10, 2012

Decorating With Lime Green

Lime green is a very popular color in interiors right now. It can be a daunting to work with but the effect can be delightful. If you are the bold, try anything new type, paint or paper your walls or ceilings with it, or install lime carpet. You can go over the top. If subtle describes you most, you can still enjoy this color in small doses. A throw pillow here, a lime vase there and before you know it you have a stunning room. Just come on and follow me to the Land of Oz. Your friends will be green with envy!!

A stone french house with a lime green door. What a fabulous welcome!

And the lady of the house sweeps down to say please come in for a visit. Oh well, a girl can dream can't she?

Lime green walls look chic in old world interiors so don't think you have to have a new house to jump on board the lime trend.

Lime green can be used in a bold and colorful way.

Or lime green can be softened when used with white. This is a crisp, clean combo as well.

Lime green can be an overwhelming color. However this white canopy and the window treatment helps to create a softer look.

The white french doors, dado molding, mantle, and mirror against this lime green wall is really very pretty. Add the painted chairs and table and this vintage room is fresh and on trend.

Pink and lime green has always been a popular combination and makes this eclectic living room bright and inviting.

Stark white with lime green accessories makes this shabby French bedroom irresistible!

Energizing lime green walls in the home of Tory Burch.

If you are unable to commit to lime green saturation, try adding a few lime accessories.

Think citrus colors when using lime green. They always look good nature intended!!

Black and grey rooms are stunning with lime green accessories. The mirrored table is so pretty and provides a great effect.

Lovely lime green, black and white tableware via Stone Gable would make any party unforgettable!

Lime green, black, grey and white are great color choices for this room. The zebra rug is the perfect touch! A very unique and stunning bathroom painted a strong shade of lime and accessorized with a fabulous black lacquer mirror. Tres chic!

And yes, even though it is trendy, soft lime green can be used with shabby chic! Looks fabulous with this vintage and distressed blue armoire.

This chair painted lime green is such a compliment to this room. Layered patterns in blue and lime give a beautiful effect.

Lime green and aqua is a favorite of mine. It is a tranquil color combination, like the sea.

I love the checkered French chair in this lime green and aqua sitting room.This bedroom is beautiful with lime that is soft and feminine. Be sure to play with patterns. It makes for an interesting room.

A period room with a definite fresh look thanks to the purple/lime green combination.The dark wood looks great against the lime papered walls.

Purple and lime green is a very popular color combination at present. It is so vibrant and gives a Boho Gypsy look with out going all the way in that direction. It is used much of the time against grey walls.

The lime and the coconut. Brown and lime green are so fresh against white walls. Think tropical!

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