Friday, June 22, 2012

Secret Gardens and Other Favorite Things. Interior and Exterior Design Inspiraton

Come take a look at some things I find most wonderful!!


Forgotten beauty!

From the hydrangeas to the shutters...this is a beautiful outdoor entertainment area.

A hot air balloon ride over the Ch√Ęteau de Chenonceau, France. What a treat!

A perfect place to be alone, or have a secret rendezvous!

I love everything about this room.

I feel like an imprisoned queen....with a great view!

Two views of a bedroom that I adore. I love interesting wall treatments and this one  is particularly lovely. 

Mirrors in the jardin. I love the idea! We should use mirrors outdoors more.

Lovely chandelier!

A beautiful room in a French chateau.

The Washhouses of Pontrieux in Brittany, France (by Yann Le Biannic).

I love harlequin floors!  This one in an old chateau is beautiful even with it's missing pieces.

I think this is a lovely bedroom. The lavender coverlet is sumptuous! And the architectural element behind the bed...well need I say more?

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers.

View of a garden through Gothic arches.

Please visit again!!


  1. GORGEOUS inspiration!!
    I'm a new follower and thanks for stopping by my blog, Mary Alice

    1. Hi Mary Alice, So glad you stopped by and I hope you enjoyed the pics. Even though I am a designer, I don't have any one particular style so you may see anything from shabby chic to Baroque and all things in between. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Hi Lisa, what a stunning post about hidden gardens/vieuws. Love it....!
    Have a nice day, Sylvia

    1. Hello Sylvia, Thank you so much for stopping by and so glad you enjoyed the post. I just love old gardens. I was just telling another friend that there is an old 1800's estate at the end of the street I live on and it has large old English gardens in the back. My son grew up playing in the mazes, amid the boxwoods and old statuary and benches. He called it his castle! He is 17 now and of course it doesn't hold the same fascination for him as it still does for me!! Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Lisa DEAREST! I came by immediately today after I found your comment but I was called away to get ready to go out. I am back and first of all, I want to thank you for visiting and OOOOOOOOOOO YOUR PHOTOS ARE LUSCIOUS! I have a black and white floor in my kitchen and dining room and there is something about that pattern that evokes the feeling of a castle. Since you are a designer, you probably understand this, but I love keeping the walls and trim very simple....white and gray. Then good pieces like copper, linen and CASTLE-LIKE furnishing really make my home feel royal.

    Thanks for stopping by today and DREAM DREAM DREAM! Oh you should see my garden; the boxwoods are so lush and green. Anita

    1. Hi Anita, Thank you for stopping by, I'm glad you liked the photos!! You veterans have probably seen many of the same pics a newbi like me will be I appreciate your being gracious and commenting about them. Glad YOUR garden is lush. We are in a dry period here. Temps in the 90's and three weeks with no rain. Grass and flowers suffering, boxwoods OK so far but will have to start watering them all soon. Ivy is going crazy though, must like this weather. Who knew!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. With each photo I wanted to be transported to that spot, to spend time there. The gardens are lush and amazing and I could just plop myself down amidst the hydrangeas. The ivy wall in the garden took my breath away.

    I visited Chenenceau last April on a day-trip out of Paris. It was my favorite of all that I saw. I do wonder where the scene of the next photo is with its arches and green. If I knew, I might just move it!

    This is a delightful post!


    1. Genie, I just love old gardens. There is an old 1800's estate at the end of the street I live on and it has large old English gardens in the back. My son grew up playing in the mazes, amid the boxwoods and old statuary and benches. He called it his castle! I am glad you enjoyed the images.

      I envy your Chenenceau visit, it looks absolutely beautiful!!!

      Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

  5. Thank you so much for stoping by and becoming a follower of Splendid Sass.
    Your blog is beautiful, and the three little kittens are adorable. I am your newest follower.

    1. Thank you for the kind remarks Teresa and for becoming a follower. I enjoy your blog very much! Blessings!!

  6. What a lovely blog! Thank you for sharing! I love the chandelier with birds in it, and I love the bedroom. I am headed to mine now. I will dream it has a chandelier and a view as your photos do. I'll be back again. I am your newest follower! Ciao Bella!

  7. I kept seeing all these gorgeous images on Pinterest & decided I had to find out where they were coming from. I clicked here and thought, "Oh wait, that's the blog I'm newly following!" Terrific inspiring images! Isn't Pinterest so cool?!


    1. Thank you so much Keri for all the kind remarks. I am new at this so it means alot when veterans comment and give me a vote of confidence!! Pinterest IS wonderful and I love sharing all the beautiful images with others that enjoy the things I like. My local friends all like new houses and new shiny things. They hate gardens and can't understand my passion for France. I am thankful for all my new friends who allow me to "let it all out"! lol

  8. Glad to find your new blog! I wish you the best of success on your venture. We are new also, and I share your passion for France since my trip to Paris in 2010. Have a great week!

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